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Making Music on Ubuntu

Every day I discover something on Ubuntu that blows me away. It’s hard to fathom all the hard work that goes into Ubuntu and open source programs available for it, the way it is given to the community for free. So two nights ago, despite my sincerest pledge to go…

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Ubuntu on Acer Aspire 3000 (3003 wlc)

After trying to run Ubuntu 7.10 on Julia’s HP laptop without success, I was happy when it worked effortlessly on another friend’s Acer Aspire 3003wlc laptop. The friend, Erica, has had an unfortunate spate of bad luck with some of her electronic gadgets and following a brief shopping trip we…

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Windows Noob installs Ubuntu Linux without a hitch

Linux as an operating system has become much easier to use for previous Windows devotees (prisoners), but that doesn’t mean its all plain sailing but this Windows Noob installed Ubuntu Linux without a hitch When it comes to Linux, I’m not a complete Noob, although, I might as well be,…

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