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Vuvuzela Set to Take Over the World

It’s just the nature of being South African; we love South African things. And the biggest thing to come out of South Africa since Charelize Theron and Pronto Condoms, is the Vuvuzela! Previously the Vuvuzela was used in moderation at football games around South Africa, and thinking back to the…

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Rugby Tri-Nations 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this level of excitement for a rugby tournament.  As the Springboks enter the home stretch of the 2009 Tri-Nations Rugby Tournament, butterflies dive-bomb my stomach every time I think about their next, exhilarating clash. Update: 6 Sep 2009 – Find out from this…

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District 9 – A Must See

So yesterday we had one of our mass movie outings to go see District 9.  Up until last Wednesday night I’ve seen the posters and I’ve read the tag-lines, but I haven’t really paid attention to it, until the Journo told me that it’s a South African director and it’s…

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First Stop: Kuala Lumpur

I had a one-way ticket left over from my last work contract, so necessarily I’m flying to South Africa on Malaysia Airlines and our first stop: Kuala Lumpur. The Journo got a exceptionally good deal, so she too is on the same airline, but as her ticket is so restricted…

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