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First Stop: Kuala Lumpur

I had a one-way ticket left over from my last work contract, so necessarily I’m flying to South Africa on Malaysia Airlines and our first stop: Kuala Lumpur. The Journo got a exceptionally good deal, so she too is on the same airline, but as her ticket is so restricted…

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South African Pilgrimage: And so it starts

My bags are packed and I my lungs are wheezing as I type this because of all the dust I kicked up thoroughly cleaning my house before I leave. At least that’s done too. Now all that remains is 4 hours of sleep before the long journey back home to…

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Last night in Kuala Lumpur

I’m finished. Literally. If I was preparing to climb Mt. Kinabalu, I honestly don’t think I could have done any more gruelling exercise than what I have done. 5 days, twice as many malls, and they’re all huge!! I’m a spent man, but the energy did not go into romps,…

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Steamboat in SS2, Kuala Lumpur

The night market (or pasar malam) in SS2 was our dinner destination. Steamboat was on the menu.SS2 had featured quite a bit on this trip and by now we had visited all sides of the public square for various food and drink adventures. Tonight, as the night market was taking…

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The Wedding Bells

We got picked up by Nav for the wedding, a little later than planned as he got stuck in traffic. Then we got stuck in some more traffic on the way to the wedding reception, and we got lost. Well, not quite lost – because we could see the venue,…

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Asian Heritage Row Rip Off

A visit to the Asian Heritage Row in Kuala Lumpur turned out to be a disappointing rip-off. For the first time ever I was denied entry into a night spot (almost two) in Malaysia. In hind sight, we should have ended our unbeatable night at Out of Africa when we…

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