Cute Chinese songs and other cute things

The more I know about how things work, the less and I understand why they work that way. Lara said she would phone me last night, which she did’t. By now I’m sure you think this theme is getting a little old. I know, me too. Which is why I…

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Jou ma se vetkoek

To stop drinking coffee is like quitting smoking – you have to find alternative things to do or you will indulge again out of shear boredom. I have taken to drinking alcohol instead… I’m just joking (which I say in case my mom discovers this blog). As the weather is…

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Hey, look, a useful post

Here’s some handy tools I’ve stumbled across in my journey to becoming a Chinese speaker, fluent or otherwise: This nifty little website can translate all sorts of languages from one to the other. To see the Chinese characters you will have to install the font. Google ‘Chinese Fonts’ to…

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