How Beer Saved The World

I just upgraded to WordPress 3.6 and what better way to show-off it’s new features with a celebratory beer? Or at least a documentary about beer.   How Beer Saved The World is a Discover Channel documentary about beer that every beer drinker and non-beer drinker should watch. So without further…

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The Missed Flight

If you’re going to miss your AirAsia flight, you better make damn sure it’s not during a busy holiday period. Otherwise you might just end up having to pay an extra RM520 for a flight, but only 24 hrs later. Kind of like me…

Return to 1 Earth Adventures

This blog was born from the desire to log the adventures had while travelling this planet. Since its inception however, the travel has substantially decreased, because, you know, travelling doesn’t pay the bills. But the bills, for now, have been paid…

PADI Presentation Problems in PowerPoint for Mac

Previously PADI didn’t include the PADI Open Water Course PowerPoint presentation with their IDC Crew Pack, but now they do. Unfortunately, on some Apple Macs the IDC Crew Pack Open Water PowerPoint presentation doesn’t work so well. Here’s how to fix it.