Pub Quiz Questions & Answers

A while ago, and I can’t believe that “a while ago” was 2014, I hosted pub quizzes at El Centro, a bar and cafe, in Kota Kinabalu and compiled these custom collections of Pub Quiz Questions & Answers.

Through some brutal trial-and-errors I eventually learned that a successful quiz is one that is challenging, but not impossible, where ideally the point difference between winners and losers are just a few. Leaving the audience feeling like they could have won, and feeling good about it, is much better for repeat attendance than leaving them feeling like morons, ending the night for them on a low note, and not seeing them again.

What made the balancing act even more challenging was the composition of the crowd. On any given quiz night travelers from many different countries would participate, mostly from European countries for whom English would be a second language. Half the audience would also be made up of a combination a Brits, Americans, locals (Malaysians), and a few from other Asian and English-speaking countries, requiring thoughtful Pub Quiz Questions & Answers.

The reason for this explanation is so that you understand who these Pub Quiz Questions & Answers were aimed at, because there’s no such thing as 1 Quiz Fits All Audiences, and to copy-paste this verbatim, which you’re welcome to do, might not work for you. Or it might, if it didn’t work for me. You’ll notice the further into 2014 the quizzes go, the simpler they get. This is partly because of tweaks based on feedback, and partly because the more complicated quizzes could take upwards of 3 hours to put together.

Pub Quiz Questions & Answers I

Pub Quiz Questions & Answers I with 14 possible points, consisting of 4 sections with 3 questions each in Geography, Science & Nature, Sports & History, and Current Affairs. Depending on your paste and audience size, to ask the questions, mark the answers, and read back the winners, will take just about an hour.