Money Matters

South African Banking Fleece

In South Africa’s apparent competitive environment, it seems big name companies that are supposed to be in competition often work together to fleece the consumer. Banks are no different. It was with disgust that I read in this article exactly how much South Africans have to pay banks to handle…

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Who falls for these scams?

I received the following scam email at work. I work at a hotel, so this email is not totally misdirected. I post it here verbatim, errors and all. I’m no genius and I have been scammed before, but people who still for this type of thing surely deserves to pay…

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Google’s Page Rank

As always, I’m a little behind – which could explain the 0 I have in my Google Toolbar, but just now when I accessed I realised that finally something has been implemented that should really have been there from the start. As you know, PageRank is Google’s way of…

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