Borneo’s Clueless Eco-warriors

You know, even when you’re oozing optimism from your tear-ducts, you sometimes have to admit that our planet is in pretty bad shape. And where in the youth we should have hope for the future, it appears that in Borneo, there is none. Even if we stop doing everything that…

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The Day the Plot Stood Still

Last night I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still, apparently it had an updated message.  I’m not one for movie reviews, but as an undisputed eco-warrior, I have things to say. I didn’t enjoy it.  I didn’t enjoy it for what it was trying to be and I didn’t…

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Now is the hour for Earth Hour

Here’s a worthwhile cause – Earth Hour. Our planet is in trouble, you know it, I know it. The people in government of the countries who pollute the most know it, yet nobody seems to do anything about it. Too much and too little rain, droughts, floods, winter in summer,…

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Water Torture: The Drip

I’m not a tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination, but I do my bit for the environment, which is why the drip from the broken tap in my bathroom nearly drove me insane. To my own spite I had left it longer than I wanted to, wasting an…

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