Pub Quiz Questions & Answers I

Pub Quiz Questions & Answers I with 14 possible points, consisting of 4 sections with 3 questions each in Geography, Science & Nature, Sports & History, and Current Affairs. Depending on your paste and audience size, to ask the questions, mark the answers, and read back the winners, will take just about an hour.

Pub Quiz Questions & Answers I – Round 1

12 Questions, 14 possible points (points in brackets next to answers).


1. By size, which is Malaysia’s largest state?
Sarawak (1)

2. True of False: The Repulic of Suriname is in South America
True (1)

3. Tegucigalpa is the capital of which country?
Honduras (1)

Science & Nature

4. According to the German purity law, the Reinheitsgebot, beer could only be made of which 3 ingredients?
Barley, water, hops (3) *yeast was not included

5. How much salt is there in the average human body?
a) 1kg    b) 2kg    c) 250g (1)    d) 500g

6. Ordinary cows milk is
a) slightly acidic (1)    b) neutral    c) slightly basic

Sports & History

7. In which sport do you aim to rest the stone (or rock) as close as possible to the centre of the house?
Curling (1)

8. When last did England win a Rugby Union World Cup?
a) 1999    b) 2003 (1)    c) 2007    d) Never

9. Nelson Mandela was born in which year?
1918 (1)

Current Affairs Jan 2014

10. Which former US Basketball Star tried his hand at Basketball Diplomacy in North Korea?
Dennis Rodman (1)

11. Which vegetable became news due to Malaysian politics?
Kangkung aka water spinach (1) *The Malaysian PM cited it as a comodity which became less expensive during his tenure. The veg is like a weed, it grows anywhere.

12. In 2014 Google announced the $3.2 Billion dollar purchase of which company?
Nest (1)

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