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At the start of the month I attended my first South African tournament, the Mother City Invitational.

Unbeknownst to me at the time of entry, it was, in fact, a bare-bones tournament on purpose, so I’ll reserve a post comparing SEA Ultimate tournaments to South Africa’s until after nationals next month.

I took a few pics at the tournament though, and it has gained some mileage…

Flying D - happened in the finals, was a turning point for Chilli A in red, who were trailing

Not sure if the event had an official photographer, but judging by the bare-boned nature of it all, I would guess no.

The schedule of games were pretty relaxed, so I packed my camera with the intention of getting a few snaps of specifically the Ultimate action.

I managed to only photograph 3 games, 2 of which involved one of the teams that would go on to the finals, Slug & Raven – a surprisingly well-oiled team, which for all practical purposes were a  pickup team made up of players from Joburg, Pretoria Durban and even Mozambique.

In the finals they played against surgical-precision team Chilli A, so hard battles and plenty of action were anticipated. We were not disappointed. You can read the write-up linked below.

I returned home on Sunday with a stash of about 1,100 pictures, which were quickly whittled down to about 200, of which 75 made the final cut in this Facebook album (public, but Facebook login required).

Cape Town's bright blue sky makes the colours in the photos pop

The tournament organiser contacted me soon afterwards to use a few pics for publication (can only hope those get credit) and Doug from the Slug & Ravens also requested a few pics to accompany a MCI tournament article he had written, which is now published on Ultimate online magazine, Skyd Magazine.

The interest in and the feedback on the pictures are encouraging and I look forward to more event photography soon. Keen to see where it might lead.


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