Nando’s Spoofs Santam Spoofs Nando’s – Winner? Joburg Children’s Home

The South African advertising scene has always been very lively with memorable and creative ads.

Usually setting the bar with the one controversial ad after the other, is famous flame-grilled peri-peri chicken peddler Nando’s.

Their thunder, however, was recently stolen by a South African finance company Santam, who not only one-upped them, but did so for the greater good.

If Nando’s ever gets anything from their spoof ads, it’s trouble and lots of exposure, because – it seems – many of their targets do not take kindly to being made fun off.

Recently though Santam ran the ad in the first video below.  Nando’s followed-up with their spoof video.  Santam then quickly followed up with a come-back, which I believe is a first for Nando’s.

See how it pans out though, because it’s all in good spirit and there are beneficiaries to all this poking fun at each other too…

The first ad by Santam

Nando’s Spoof

Santam replies

I read other news report just now which said Nando’s went to visit the Johannesburg Children’s Home and not only are they going to deliver the meals as per Santam’s dare, but they will be delivering a similar set once per month for a year.

Score for the kids at the Johannesburg Children’s Home and plenty of feel-good factor for both Nando’s and Santam.

Who knew so much good can come from being a good sport 🙂

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