Another The Year

Ya, there have been many years in the past that have been The Years; The Year of Change, The Year of Action, etc.

But it appears that for me, The Years are easier to talk about than implement.

2012 certainly has The Year potential, in fact, I feel a title coming on right now: The Year of Business.

However, I distinctly remeber 2009 already having been that year, although it wasn’t officially named, and look how that turned out.

If this year should be anything, it should be The Year of Get Some Fucking Direction.

More To Life

With age comes complacency. It’s not that you want to be in a rut, it’s just that it’s so damn comfortable.

I certainly have less get-up-and-go than I had last year, but this point in my professional life is surely not where I want to hunker down and build a fortres.

Hence the need for a The Year.

But before I dub my pesonal 2012 The Year of anything, I better sit down and map out a course with a plan of action.

Or better still, I should focus and work harder to complete the one I’m working on already.

The Year, here I come.

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