6 Second WordPress 3.3 Upgrade

My last blog was in October!? Then it’s a good time to come back right when WordPress 3.3 is available. I upgraded in 6 seconds on the lovely HostGator.

And, of course, it was hassle free.

And then I just wanted to tell my good friend Woofles that yes, I noticed that the All Blacks finally became the Rugby World Cup champions again.

After 24 years rest they finally convinced the IRB to bring the cup back to New Zealand and leave it there. :p

I’m working on a revamp of – but between blogging at work the whole day and doing some casual blogging here and there, there aren’t many minutes left to sit in front of the computer for development – which takes hours and hours.

So it’s slow going. But soon…

Ok, that’s it for now.



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