HTC Desire Z Wrap Up

You never know how much you rely on something until you lose it. So it was a blessing in disguise when I lost my HTC Desire Z charger and ran out of battery…

Thanks to Maxis and the #Maxis10 review programme I’ve spent the last 2 weeks with the super smart HTC Desire Z phone.

Losing my charger forced me downgrade to my Nokia 6300 and appreciate the differences between a smart and a not-so-smart phone much more.

The HTC Desire Z

The HTC Desire Z is primarily a mobile Internet access device, which is also a phone.

That is both the gift and the curse of the HTC Desire Z, because you gain an incredible amount of functionality, but the tradeoff is even simple things, become more complicated.

The Bad: Battery Life

The first thing you’ll notice coming from a non-smart phone is that the HTC Desire Z sucks power.

If you use it as a phone only – a job it performs perfectly – you can possibly squeeze up to 3 days out of it, but if you did that, why bother buying such a super smart phone?

‘Normal use’ for the HTC Desire Z includes surfing the Internet via WiFi or GPRS, typing blog posts or taking pictures/video – and then you’re looking at 1 day battery life.

Add 10 minutes of Angry Birds and you’ll have to recharge before the end of the day – mainly because the super crisp screen needs a lot of juice.

A plus is you can recharge via a computer’s USB and the charger is just a plug head, making it easy to carry around – but beware, it’s a special USB cable, so don’t lose it.

The Bad: Everything is a Tap Tap Tap Tap away

Having to ‘downgrade’ to my old Nokia 6300, I immediately noticed that the basics on the simple phone are so easy.

Two buttons and I’m calling. 1 button and I’m SMSing. 3 Buttons and I’m surfing.

Using the HTC Desire Z disconnects you from your surroundings, because it requires your full attention.

Perhaps this will change when I’m super familiar with the phone and its menu system.

The Good: Say Goodbye to your Laptop Computer

My poor Acer laptop computer hasn’t been touched since the HTC Desire Z came into my life.

Having a desktop computer both at home and at work, the laptop was my out-and-about device when going for a coffee, away on trips or for meeting up with friends.

Email, webpages, YouTube, word processing – the HTC Desire Z does all that and in a package that fits in my pocket. It was successfully road tested last week on a trip away… so my Acer laptop is now officially obsolete.

The HTC Desire Z in a Nutshell

That one Good Point really sums up why the HTC Desire Z would appeal to you. It’s a tiny, always-on computer that connects you with your online world wherever you are.

The slide out keyboard, which is the HTC Desire Z’s defining feature, steps in for heavy typing jobs – like a blog posts or the odd bit of word processing. I already can’t live without that.

If you can get used to the 1 day battery life, familiarise yourself with the more involved navigation system and ignore your laptop computer – then you’ll spend many happy and sometimes not so productive hours with your HTC Desire Z – as a Internet access device and sometimes even as a phone.

But heed my warning that the HTC Desire Z is so engaging that it will disconnect you from the moment you’re in – so use it wisely.


  • Mimi - SleeplessInKL

    2 January 2011 at 23:40

    One night, while I was surfing on my HTC Desire, my youngest was tugging at my sleeve. My mum reminded me, "Disconnect to connect (ie with my son)." So I stopped what I was doing to give my 5-yr old son my full attention…only to hear him say, "Mama, can I play Angry Birds on your phone?"

  • Kid

    31 January 2011 at 22:09

    Hi. I know it's too late to ask you, but I need to know if this phone worth to buy?

    And is your phone has a loose hinge?

  • 1Earth

    31 January 2011 at 22:59

    Hi – no, it's not too late to ask. I still use the phone and I love it, and when I close the keyboard properly it's not loose at all. I sometimes forget it has a keyboard attached 🙂

    Consider the physical keyboard carefully though. The main benefit is obviously that you can feel the keys, and you can see more of your screen when you type, but it makes the phone a tiny bit heavier vs. the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire. With the onscreen keyboard you see less of the screen, and it takes a bit of practice to type really fast.

    I don't use the physical keyboard that much and, like I said, sometimes even forget there is one. If you don't need the keyboard for a specific purpose, consider one of the other 2 Desire phones instead.

    Also, of the 3 Desires the photo quality is the best on the HTC Desire HD (8 mega pixels vs. 5 megapixels on the HTC Desire Z).

    But, I think the phone is great and yes, I would recommend buying it. Overall I'm quite happy with it.

  • Kid

    2 February 2011 at 06:51

    Oh, ok.. Thank you so much for answering my question. I hope I can buy this phone soon =D

  • Ariff Ridzuan

    14 May 2011 at 07:53

    I'm so glad I found your post. I'm in a dilemma whether to buy the Desire Z or IPhone 4 (i know, conformist, right). Don't get me wrong, I'm simply in love with the hardware keyboard. It's just that there are 2 major factors bugging me:

    1) laggy cos of processor ? compared to iPhone 4 which has a 1ghz processor, DZ has only 0.8ghz. Do you experience any lagginess while scrolling the menu and data-heavy websites, running programs and applications, playing videos and music? I appreaciate your honesty.

    2) flimsy / fragile keyboard-slide function. So far has the slide-out become more loose all this while using your DZ? There have been complaints online that it's not tough enough. My concern is that it might snap open if it was bungling in my bag or pocket.

    Cost is a major factor. DZ is S$300 cheaper than IP4.

    Plus android is less restrictive than apple. I can download mp3 files and actually save them into the DZ music library rather than having to cconnect the IP4 to a PC to use iTunes every single time I need a songs-update.

    I really need some advice. Please shed some light on the good and especially bad points of your otherwise awesome phone. Thanks 🙂

  • 1Earth

    16 May 2011 at 03:19

    Hi – the only lag I experience is when I install certain apps, mostly games and I can't get Firefox 4 to work without lagging. But that aside, I think the phone gives good performance and overall I'm quite happy with the speed. I've played around with my girlfriend's iPhone4, and sometimes I think my Desire Z is faster. On flash heavy websites it's fast before the flash loads, and there's a bit of lags once the flash renders, but after rendering it's fine. Of course, on iPhone4 there is no flash. Music and videos play without any lag whatsoever… once they've loaded, of course, which depends on your connection.

    As for the keyboard – so far so good and it's not loose and it doesn't rattle, and it's never really opened by itself in a bag or pocket. I don't use it so often when I'm on the go, but if I'm waiting around and have time to type a nice long message, then I still use it – I like it more now than I initially did and I have no worries about whether or not it's tough – it's not an issue.

    I hope that answers your questions.

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