HTC Desire Z, HD Video & iMovie

Having an HD video recording device is fun, but not as much fun as being able to edit those clips and share them.

Which is why I was rather excited when I figured out how to import the HTC Desire Z HD video clips into iMovie.

It seems like it should be obvious – HD video and iMovie. Import. Go.

But no. The HTC Desire Z records in 3GPP format, and iMovie doesn’t import 3GPP format.

Luckily the workaround is very simple. Well, for the Mac crowd it is. This may or may not (probably may not) work the same on a Windows system.

Converting HTC Desire Z HD Video to .MOV file for iMovie

Grab your HD video from the HTC Desire Z via Bluetooth or USB and open the file in Quicktime.

From the Quicktime menu go File -> Save As… -> 720p HD Video. Done.

Edit Away in iMovie

The saved .mov files can then be imported into iMovie and edited as usual.

I was very excited when I discovered this, half by chance, but below is an earlier HD movie I uploaded, not yet treated by iMovie.

It will play in Full HD, so be patient. I should warn you, it’s not really worth the wait.


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