shadow for your HTC Desire Z is, I guess, trying to be something similar to Apple’s Mobile Me, supposedly allowing you to find and ring your phone remotely, lock it if it gets misplaced or erase it if it gets stolen.

But, it seems, is a work in progress… Login Screen

Not Quite As Advertised

When I switched on the HTC Desire Z for the first time, part of the setup process was creating an ID for, which of course I duly did.

My phone looked like it managed to log on fine as part of the setup process.

However, when I later wanted to try via the web, it absolutely refused to let me log in with my username and password.

After several failed attempts to log in, I tried to retrieve my password, but, said, my email address wasn’t registered.


And if you can’t go forward, then you start again from scratch

I deleted the details from the accounts section of the HTC Desire Z:
Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> HTC Sense -> Remove Account

This time I went to and registered my account there instead of on the phone. Except for the confirmation, which I got written in FINNISH (!!), it worked.

Returning to my HTC Desire Z I then created a new account, added HTC Sense and used my newly registered details to log in from my phone. And that worked too.

Going back to the browser, this time I could at least log in.

Once you get inside it all looks very promising, until you try any of it.


On the first try, the map where your phone is supposed to be plotted on, didn’t even show. I gave up, switched off the computer and went away.

The accuracy was very rough in deed. Sure, my phone's in there somewhere, but it's a huge area

When I came back later and tried again, the map showed, but my phone was indicated as being somewhere off the coast of central Africa.

Being in Kota Kinabalu with the phone on my desk infront of me, I knew the map was talking rubbish.

At that time I was logged in via WiFi and suspected it played a part, so I switched off WiFi and used GPRS instead.

I closed and logged back in – voila, my phone showed where I was – with a level of accuracy, which is completely useless for the purpose of trying to locate a stolen phone.

Testing out the website’s next “feature”, I tried to make the phone ring. This is an interesting overkill function supposed to help you find your misplaced phone, assuming you left it somewhere near enough to hear – like under the couch cushions.

In my opinion, picking up the landline, or borrowing your friend’s phone to do the same thing, is a lot less hassle and is quarantined to work. Unlike’s attempt, which didn’t.

Make your phone ring at full volume. Not.

Regardless of whether I was disconnected from the Internet, connected via WiFi or connected via GPRS, it kept on telling me the same thing: “unable to connect to your phone to make it ring”. Nice.

The call & message forwarding I didn’t want to touch, in case it did work once and then not again. Remotely locking or erasing the phone is just looking for trouble, because with my luck they would work, rendering my phone a brick. Round Up


Call me when it works like it’s supposed to.

Until then, is a waste of time.


  • jard

    28 December 2010 at 03:08

    hhehehe.. spot on bro!!! really a waste a time.

  • Stan

    30 December 2010 at 00:01

    looking forward for your next installment this phone rocks

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