100 Day Pushups Retry

So, arms all feeling mostly fine I was back at the Hundred Push challenge in the 6-10 Pushups Bracket tonight, but not doing much better.

Not sure how this works, but I definitely feel weaker than did I last week. Perhaps, even though my arms don’t hurt anymore, the muscles haven’t quiet rebuilt themselves yet.

It seems like the only explanation is that not only do the muscles in my back and stomach atrophy from sitting in front of the computer all day, but so do my triceps.

I managed to eek out 6, 6 and 4 reps, but on the 4th set which involved another 4 reps, I found myself face on the ground again unable to push off too easily.  Instead of pushing myself and setting myself up for another week’s worth of pain, I decided to bail out early and wait until tomorrow to try the easiest bracket’s Day 1.

I guess I will have to start from scratch with this thing.  Last week tricep agony was honestly no fun.

Not giving up though, just recalibrating.

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