How to Password Protect your Wireless Network

Here’s some basic instructions for how to password protect your wireless network.  I have a TP LINK Wireless ADSL Router (TD-W8910G), so yours might be slightly different to do, but you should get the gist.

1. Log on to your ADSL Modem/Router’s local IP address – TP-Link default is

2. It will ask you for a username and password.  The TP-Link default admin / password is admin / admin, which is widely published on the Internet and should be the first thing you change.

Change the default admin username & password

2.1 On the left-hand menu, click on Management -> Access Control -> Password

2.2 Type the current password (admin) and change it to something you’ll remember but nobody could easily guess. Use at least 8 characters and mix it up with letters and numbers.

Password Protect Your Network

3. To let only people with a password log on to your wireless network and see your information, on the left-hand menu, click on Wiresless -> Security

4. Choose the Network Authentication Method: Mixed WPA2/WPA-SPK is the most secure and not so easy to crack. If you’re using WPA, change it, there are several tutorials on the net how to crack it with fairly little effort and public available tools.

5. Choose a WPA Pre-Shared Key, which is not the same as your admin password, but is also at least 8 characters long, and a mix of letters and numbers for good security.

5.1 For an extra level of security go to Wireless -> Basic in the menu. Here you can change the name of your network if you want, and you can un-tick “Enable SSID Broadcast“, which means your wireless network will not show up on anybody’s Wifi Selection List. You can now only connect to your wireless network by manually typing in the details.

6. Click on Save / Apply. You may get disconnect from your network (otherwise click on Management -> Reboot -> Reboot Button), because you just changed the password.  Simply selected your wireless menu from you Wifi Selection List on your computer, connect and enter the password.

Your wireless network is now fairly secure, so that when something like the Google Street View Car drives past, you won’t have your information collected.

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