100 Pushups Challenge Temporary Fail

Having been physically unable to pull my t-shirt over my head since Wednesday, my onslaught on the 100 Pushups Challenge has temporarily been postponed until Monday, by when I hope to have regained the normal use of my chest and tricep muscles again.

I completed Day 1 of the challenge, and failed halfway through Day2, because the hurt in my arms didn’t go away. Wednesday my muscles ached so much I couldn’t pull my shirt off, and consequently I ended up on my face when I tried the pushups again.  Thursday the pain got worse.

That I sit in front of a computer all day long with my arms bent is, of course, not helping, so the recovery is a bit slower than I expected.

Some residual stiffness remains in my triceps and my pecs are almost fully recovered, so hopefully by Monday and I continue the challenge. Although it will most certainly be in a lower bracket.

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