Hollywood’s Bait & Switch

Went to see The Other Guys Last night. The script was weird and disjointed at times, Will Ferrel & Mark Wahlberg were surprisingly unfunny, and Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), was used in a Bait & Switch scam.

I wanted to watch the other guys but got Will & Mark instead

Expecting Samual & Dwayne? Don't hold your breathI didn’t realise it during the movie, because I wasn’t really paying attention and actually fell asleep, but there was a Wall Street and scam theme to the movie.

This is ironic, because the movie itself is involved in a scam: the old Bait & Switch.

The trailers for The Other Guys looked attractive.  Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson features heavily in the trailers.  Will Ferrel not being my favourite comedian and liking Marky Mark only in action movies, Samuel L, really, is what convinced me to want to watch it. I don’t mind The Rock either.

Spoiler Alert: But what felt like 15 minutes into the movie, both Samuel L Jackson and The Rock’s characters unceremoniously removed themselves from the movie in the stupidest way.

I felt cheated by the trailers. Surely cameo parts shouldn’t be used in trailers?

Of course, on I notice only Will and Mark’s name feature on the posters I didn’t see before the movie. BIG CLUE right there.

Predator – The studios, not the movie

Lourence Fishburn. Yeah, he's there. But not for longWhy would anybody want to watch yet another Predator movie? Because he hears Laurence Fishburn is in it. I don’t think Predator used Laurence Fishburn in the trailers though, but when he appeared on screen I felt a lot better about the movie.

Spoiler Alert: It all went along swimmingly too, until his character got offed by a Predator not too long after he made his appearance.  I waited, in vain, for the rest of the movie, hoping there would be flashbacks to his character or some other involvement that would give him more screen time.

I’m still undecided about the most disappointing part of the film – the fact that a 1987 Predator movie is rehashed and changed just a little bit and released as new 23 years later, or that it had the potential of at least 1 interesting characters / actor, which got killed off too soon.

So how to avoid falling for the old Bait & Switch scam in upcoming movies? Don’t rely on the trailers, and read a few reviews.

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