A New Theme for 1Earth is Coming

Ever since I switched 1EarthAdventures to WordPress way back when… erm *flipsthroughblog*, on 15 October 2005 or not too long after, I’ve been using this awesome Illacrimo Theme from Design Disease.

However, this is 2010 and my blog has evolved from a Twilight-esque, emo diary in to a blog where some of the posts are actually helpful enough to be linked to and read quite often.

So, I think it’s time for a new theme.

Although I’m not an expert yet, I have dabbled quite extensively in WordPress theme modification, most notably – which was an extensive project with custom theme and custom plugins *patonmyback*.

I’ve also adapted a Blogger blog to be emulated by a WordPress install, as well as adapting a RapidWeaver theme and blog to work in a WordPress install.

Quick and easy, it was not.

But alas, today marks the first day of Project Fiddle, of which the achieved mission will be a brand new shiny theme for

Let the work begin…

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