I’m not surprised

Unsurprisingly my blog is at a 4 month unique visitor low.

What, you think you can make 5 blog entries a month and actually grow your readership? Uhm, no.

Yeah, I’m bogged down with work, computer work, so really, once my work day is over, the last thing I feel like doing is sit on the computer some more.  And if I do make it back to the computer, my mind is so numb that nothing creative is forthcoming.

And that’s how it’s affecting my blog readership – negatively.  It’s common knowledge that a blog that is often updated is a blog that is well read.  Blogs are like magazines, except they’re nothing like magazines.  They don’t get published every week or month, they get updated daily, sometimes twice a day and those freakish Mobloggers can update hourly man, or by the minute even.

Blog readers are people for the now, in the moment, the second passes the moment passes and the next moment has its moment and if another second passes that’s the end for that moment too.  So you have to be there, in the moment, in the second and if you’re not… well, then you too shall pass.

Fine. Regular updates, I know I need regular updates.  And not crap either.  The net is full of crap and it really doesn’t need more crap in spite of the fact that it will get loads more crap. Posts like this one are not needed, people need info, they want to know stuff.

My helpful articles have the most readers, except this one post which sounds porny, but isn’t – that’s popular for no reasons pertaining to usefulness. But the howto’s and the what-i-did’s, they do fine.

So here’s some freaky and interesting stats.

My top search engines referral this month is for “1borneo”, closely followed by “” – I was saying how this new shopping mall doesn’t have a website address at, even though they registerd .com, .net and .org, and now I hit at the top of the 4 results that displays when people type in…. in my browser anyway.  I swear Google fudges up my search results in an attempt to ‘tailor’ them to my needs.  I need raw results, not results that they think I want – time to delete some Google cookies.

I digress.  Other anomalies include the 1% for “donut” and the 0.6% for “about” from search engine referrals. But I can’t be bothered to find the origin of those.

Encouraging in my stats are that Microsoft Explorer users are down to 50.9% and Firefox users are up to 40.4%. Windows users are down to 81% and Linux users are up to 10.3%. People reading my blog from Playstation Portables will soon be up to 0.1% – intriguing.

But my most worrying statistic is my unique visitors, but with 5 days left in the month, I can hopefully narrow the gap a little.

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