Tri Nations Rugby: South Africa vs. Australia

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Tri Nations 2008: Rugby is one of those games that you can like even if you’ve never seen it before and you don’t understand the rules.  Currently the Tri Nations Rugby are in full swing and this afternoon South Africa vs. Australia.

The reason I say anyone can like it is simple. It’s action packed, fast paced and brutal.  Everyone likes this, male and female alike.  The players are in top shape. They’re fit, they’re large and they’re often good looking with ridiculously cool hair (except the front row, why are they often bald?).  Men and woman alike find this attractive, sometimes, but not always, for different reasons.

Anyway, last weekend the Springboks (how the South Africans are known) narrowly beat the All Blacks (aka New Zealand).  The victory was in fact much bigger than the mere 2 points difference in the score, because up until last weekend the All Blacks had prevented the Springboks from winning on the grounds they played at for the last 85 years. For 85 years the Springboks couldn’t win on this ground.

LIttle surprise really, because the crowd was entirely dressed in black.  The Springboks scored a try and you could hear a pin drop, when they kicked for goal the boo’s must have made the ball and posts vibrate.  It was so anti-Springbok that I’m sure Percy Montgomery’s hair lost volume when he ran onto the field.

But, in spite of these it-looks-like-the-boks-can-never-win circumstances, a rugby game the likes of which I haven’t seen in decades ensued, and the Sprinboks triumphed by two points.  Two huge, in-your-face-sit-on-this-all-blacks points. Ha.

Of course, we lost in the ugliest game I’ve ever seen the weekend before, but we won’t talk about that.

Swiftly moving on: in a few hours, 5 to be exact, the Springboks will play against the Wallabies (Australia).  It will be a tough game, because prior to the All Blacks showing the Springboks that they’re not unbeatable two weekends ago, the strong contenders were thought to be South Africa and Australia.

I’m watching the game, but I’m a place where almost everybody is Australian.  During the two previous games, which I watched with friends, I was fairly excitable and vocal, so I’m going to have to contain myself if I watch this game in a public place.

Anyway, if you’re in to rugby and even if you’re not, make sure you find yourself a spot where you can watch South Africa play against Australia this afternoon in the third game of Tri Nations Rugby Tournament.  The game takes place at 10am GMT.  They’re actually playing in Perth, but that’s a handy reference for you.

Updates, beaten(up) or not, will follow after.  Perhaps not immediately after, but soon after.

Update 080720 – I don’t want to talk about it. The Bokke lost, ok?

Fine, I’m talking about it. Never mind the fact that all the places around here said that the game was on at 8pm and I ended up missing half of it, but wow – half of Perth is South African and the Boks couldn’t win.  Last weekend, in a literally all black crowd with not one cheer for the Boks, they won. Yesterday, they didn’t.

I looked for a place where to watch the game and all the boards said 8pm.  I double checked with the staff from the one restaurant and they said yeah, the Aussie League Games will be showing at 6pm, so they’re showing SA vs. AU at 8pm. Fine.

I strolled a long way down the beach and had myself a sunset beer, only to discover the game on a big-screen in a restaurant neer the beach.  Mother…  But having missed half the game already I thought it better to go back and watch the re-broadcast.

As I got back and walked past those restaurant though, they had all changed their boards to 6pm.  Mother…

So I watch the last 30 minutes of the game, but what a disaster.  It reminded me of the first game against the All Blacks. As if they were playing this team (and rugby) for the first time. Fumbles, bad passes, omg.  The only saving grace is the Boks’ defence, which is so great because their attack is so poor – they get lots of opportunity to practise their defense.

Anyway, the Tri Nations Scoreboard looks like this: Springsboks played 3 lost 2. New Zealand played 2 lost 1. Australia played 1 won 1.

I think I see a loser emerging.

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