Now is the hour for Earth Hour

Here’s a worthwhile cause – Earth Hour.

Our planet is in trouble, you know it, I know it. The people in government of the countries who pollute the most know it, yet nobody seems to do anything about it. Too much and too little rain, droughts, floods, winter in summer, summer in winter. The climate is sick an it’s us humans who are doing it.

But what can I, the little guy, do? You might be surprised how a little gesture can literally make the world of difference.

Earth Hour was first observed in Sydney last year. Australia is one of the top four biggest polluting nations in the world, but their citizens are inflicting the most radical policy change in government of any of the big polluters.

The idea behind Earth Hour is a simple one; for 1 hour on one day of the year, simply switch off the lights. Of course, go ahead an switch off all the electricity. Last year in Sydney 2.2 million people participated in this event. 2,100 business where in on the deal and even the lights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House were switched off on 31 March, between 8pm and 9pm.

The effect from Sydney alone, they said, if sustained throughout the year (only one hour per day), would be equivalent to removing 48,000 cars from the road for one whole year.

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Last year it was only in Sydney, but this year it’s global and here in Kota Kinabalu there will also be an event. Becky and Helle are hosting an Earth Hour event at The Loft in KK’s Waterfront this Saturday, 29 March. Between 8pm and 9pm the lights will go out and if you want to join to show your support and commitment to reducing global warming, then be there.

They’ve organised acoustic music entertainment and there will be a quiz with prizes, so make sure you know the facts about global warming.

If you’re keen to be part of Earth Hour, register your commitment. You can also view a map of the earth which depicts where people are committing. There’s a list of countries and how many people have enlisted and if you want to host your own Earth Hour event, you can register for that too.

If everyone does a little, the effect will be a lot. It really is that simple.

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