Freeze Frame

I’m sitting with a mixed basket of emotions at the moment. An ominous cloud is looming large, one that I’d rather not talk about lest attempts be made to mud my name for talking about it.

As always, it tends to hit me hardest the nearer it looms. It has however gathered on the horizon a few times, threaten to bring a thunder storm, only to back down again with a promise to reappear at a later date.

But dwelling on these things only gets me down, so I don’t.

Anyway, here’s a few snippets from the weekend gone.

Rubbing away a week of holiday stress

The weekend started on a lovely relaxing note with a massage at the Mandara Spa in The Magellan Sutera. Of course, being an upmarket spa it’s a little beyond my budget, but one of the perks of working where I do is that when trial-week comes along, I get asked to come.

And I’m always willing to offer my body for science experiments and for the benefit of my fellow humans, so it was with pleasure that I submitted to the Mandara Spa to have them try out their new recruits on me. And if that is what fresh-from-college trainees can do, I’d love to revisit again soon. Bliss.

Flushing out the Ninja Turtles

Not techincally a flood - more like an upwelling of undercurrentsCrossing from Warisan Square over to Centrepoint on Saturday I stumbled upon this lovely mess. The drains were backed-up and water gushed out the man-hole, which flooded the taxi stand and didn’t give off the best of odours either.

These incidents are always interesting, because it exposes how the city’s infrastructure is linked, and it’s actually quite facinating to imagine these intricate layers of sewers, electricity and other pipes underlying the city. When we reached Asia City it had flooded a bit there too. There’s a big storm drain nearby, so I wonder where the blockage was and why.

Indian Food the Indian Way

Devi’s Corner in Api Api - Good Indian FoodTo give Ian a bit of a send-off (quasi, he’ll be back again in a week), we ended up at Devi’s Corner in Api Api. Good Indian food, although not as spicy as I thought it would be and I was quite keen on a wee bit of spice.

Ian and I had banana leaf with mutton briyani rice, Julia had some roti. It was well decent, if a little expensive. I ate Indian food with my hand for the first time ever. A little old lady sitting opposite us had the skill, as Julia described, to somehow only get tips of her fingers full of food. Ian and I each managed to cover our entire hand and make a right mess of ourselves. Takes practice I guess.

Ensuring your car doesn’t get scratched

At Karamunsing on Sunday Julia and I went browsing around for nothing in particular, also seeing if perhaps there were good bunny ears to be found for Sascha’s birthday party that evening. As usual, parking was a night mare, but eventually we found some on the 5th floor.

Perodua Kelisa - Drives like a big carWe drove past this guy a few times looking for parking wishing we could tip his little car over freeing up one of two spaces he so graciously occupied. Perhaps, I thought, he usually drives a bus and forgot that today he used his little sister’s Kelisa, or the car is brand new.

Either way, he gave himself loads of room for error. I appreciate this kind of parking so much more when there is no other parking around. Oi, Kelisa driver – learn how to drive and consider your fellow road-users, eh?

Easter, Birthdays and ManU

Man U vs. Liverpool.  Appart from this picture, I can’t prove Liverpool actually showed up for the matchOn Sunday Sacha turned 23 and we helped celebrate. The Loft in the Waterfront was once again the chosen venue and the celebrations involved yummy food, apple pie, Man U vs. Liverpool, drinks and Marcus’ German parents.

The birthday cake was the aforementioned apple pie, which I believe Sacha made herself – well done, but way too much effort on ones birthday – we’ll have words with Marcus about this birthday-girl slave labour. Nevertheless, the apple pie didn’t make two rounds before it was finished.

Julia, the clip-on-eared Rabbit - Happy Easter.The theme for the night, not unexpectedly, was Easter. Bunny ears and bunny tails were the order of the night.

Refraining from donning the full bunny costume that everyone knows she has, Julia settled for more subtle clip-on-ears approach.

Another friend (who’s name and number I will consider handing over on request and after extensive screen to make sure you’ll actually have a conversation after I introduce you 😉 ) sported a hair-band with subtle bunny-ears and this bunny tail.

Sugar and snails and fluffy bunny tails, that’s what little girls are made of, right?If it was anywhere else other than in Malaysia and amongst good friends, it could have landed her in all sorts of trouble, which apparently it did before, she said, as she recalled a night out in the UK with a similar prop.

At the end of the night Man U beat Liverpool 3 nothing. Wow, I hope Sacha doesn’t support Liverpool.

And that about wraps it up. Today was the first day back at school work and I finally got all the high-tech toys I requested about 2 months ago. Now the work starts to do what I said I could do if I had all these high-tec toys.

In and of itself, these new toys will spawn new categories on this blog, as they present a considerable learning curve and lots need to be discovered.

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