Kristin Davis not as prudish as Charlotte York

Life imitates art, supposedly, but Charlotte York, Kristin Davis’s character in Sex and the City, never got involved in a sex scandal about a supposedly leaked sex tape did she?

In real life, rumour has it, Kristin Davis did.

But is Kristin Davis’s sex scandal really a sex scandal, or is it staged PR because somebody’s career or new movie need a boost? At least Lindsay Lohan was honest and sort of classy about it when she posed nude as Marilyn Monroe – some controlled skin showing, lots of buzz and hype; career boosted.

In the aftermath of a sex tape, does the person who is involved really get more offers for movies and TV? Is Hollywood really that shallow and are viewers really that easily reeled in? If the answer is yes then I understand the logic of ‘appearing’ in a sex tape.

Of course, other rumours are that the person in the Kristin Davis sex tape is not Kristin Davis at all. Little teazers of what is possibly to come have been leaked in the form of a few photos. has one, and they also have a poll to see if people think the woman in the photo is Kristin Davis or not. At this moment of writing, the poll shows 3 to 1 that yes, people do think it’s her.

But even if it’s not – does a flailing actor or actress not benefit from the hype even if it isn’t them? Even if it’s only mildly linked to them, surely they still get PR. In fact, by implicating them and not actually being them, surely that’s good PR.

But yawn, it seems like every other day a sex scandal surfaces, it’s hard to keep up (pardon the pun). I guess we have Paris Hilton to thank for making sex scandals common place and not so scandalous.
Perhaps reality TV has been too ingrained in us that it’s difficult to go anywhere without a video camera…

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