The Winner of Miss Sabah Malaysia Universe

Last night the winner of the Sabah leg of Miss Malaysia Universe was crowned at The Magellan Sutera at Sutera Harbour Resort.

Last night was going to be a quiet night in when at the last minute a mate phoned to say he organised a table for the Miss Sabah Malaysia Universe Competition / Pageant that he was involved with. I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the glitz and glam.

If you break down the title, what we’re looking at here is in fact the Miss Universe Competition. This pageant is the state-level event for the Miss Malaysia part of Miss Universe and my mate, Ollie for Atmosphere, was one of many that had a hand in the arrangements and sponsorships, hence the lucky windfall.

The reigning Miss Universe is Japan’s Riyo Mori and from doing a quick search on Google Images, it’s clear to see that the winner of Miss Sabah Malaysia Universe will have very impressive shoes to fill – should she go on to win the ultimate title, of course.

The night saw KK’s hip, hot and important people gathering in The Magellan Sutera’s Grand Ballroom at Sutera Harbour Resort for a spectacle on a scale KK doesn’t get to see as often as it should. The ballroom was decorated with the Starry Starry Night theme and complimented what was to come.

The Sabah version of the competition is a scale model of what to expect at the main event later in the year held in Vietnam and the shows consisted of Casual Wear, Evening Wear and the ever popular Swimsuit segments. In between the contestants strutting their stuff, entertainment filled the void.

The Lovely Daphne Iking  - No short supply of good looks in the Iking family.The entertainment in between the sets, was, to be polite, a little long winded. The male MC for the night didn’t help with his unfunny interjections, and if it wasn’t for his co-MC, the lovely Daphne Iking, making sense of his ramblings, he would have been but an annoying background noise. His uttering included encouragement to ‘take a good look’, said with a smutty undertone during the swimsuit segment, and consequently enlightening the audience as to how the leaches in the virgin forest sucked the contestants’ virgin blood as he talked about their outing to the Sabah jungle.

At this point Daphne remarked that the comments were ‘getting cornier and cornier’ and I’m sure the audience agreed. Apparently he’s a pro. I wouldn’t know about that.

Amber Chia, Sabah’s International Model (and an unknown fan).Recreating the grandeur of an international event, Amber Chia, famous and well-liked international model from Sabah, was also present. Serving as a draw-card more than being an important part of the show, she graciously entertained throngs of fans and photographers after the event. I admired her patience as the one fan after the other posed for a picture with her. I wonder if there’s a SPF cream again flash-burn from camera flashes.

Cassey V. Pilos - The Sabah winner of the Miss Malaysia Universe CompetitionWhen eventually the way of the beauty pageant had gone as it should, the the lovely Cassey V. Pilos from Simporna emerged the winner. It was fudged a bit actually, as when the 1st Runner Up was announced (it’s confusing, I know – how can 1st be 2nd?), she was so overjoyed that she held up the trophee and waved as if she was the winner. I’m not sure if it happened before or after she did this, but somebody triggered the paper fireworks which sprayed confetti and streamers all over the stage.

The Winner, the 1st Runner Up (who for a moment thought she was the winner), and the Second Runner-UpNeedless to say that when the actual winner was announced, there was no such fanfare, and it took the winner a good 30 seconds to realise her name had been called – poor thing was probably in shock after she though No.2 was in fact No.1 and had started to reminisce about the events past.

Technical details and little glitches aside (most events have them), it was momentous night for Kota Kinabalu. It was also announced that next year Miss Malaysia Universe’s grand final will be hosted in Sabah. I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s already booked in 1Borneo’s soon-to-be flashy new convention centre, but that still has to be confirmed.

So, as the sun rose over Mt. Kinabalu that morning, Cassey V. Pilos woke up RM12,000 richer (and a sash – the MC kept on reminding as he read out the prizes, must be valuable that one) and certainly looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead for her between the Sabah leg of the Miss Malaysia Universe Competition and the actual Miss Malaysia Universe Competition due to take place in KL soon.

Congrats to all the girls, even those who didn’t win, I’m sure they’re all richer for the valuable experience they have gained.

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