Making Music on Ubuntu

Every day I discover something on Ubuntu that blows me away. It’s hard to fathom all the hard work that goes into Ubuntu and open source programs available for it, the way it is given to the community for free.

So two nights ago, despite my sincerest pledge to go to bed early, I ended up going to bed again at 3am.  Just as I was about to stop surfing, I stumbled across this article on the Ubuntu Forms telling me how to turn my computer into a music making machine – I found it because I thought my Virtual MIDI Keyboard didn’t work.

I installed Ubuntu Studio and it came with some nifty toys.  Long ago I’ve had hours with Hydrogen – a drum box. It can make all sorts of drum beats and with the demos that come with it I was mesmerised.

It’s really easy to use, click a few times and hit play and *poof*, your own beat.

As impressive as Hydrogen was, after I read that article that showed me how to use Jack, ZynAddSubFX Software Synthesizer brought a band, a club, a disco, several choirs, space effects and more samples of sound than I could ever use, to my computer.

Have a fiddle, but be warned, time will flow.

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