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It’s been a while since I stumbled across such a variety of interesting news articles. To take a break from my Ubuntu Adventures and whats-going-ons in Kota Kinabalu, herewith snippets I picked up from the net today – sorted in order of intellectual stimulation from most to least.

Elections: Malaysia does in 1 month what takes the US a year

Just as you think you can’t take anymore Election news, especially of American Elections where people from the same party are cutting each other’s throats in their race to becoming America’s Number One Citizen, the Malaysian Parliament gets dissolved. This usually is closely followed by the announcement of when the next elections will be. This is not controversial politics though, it’s an actual process.

So, if all goes well, within a month from now the Malaysian Elections will be over and a new (but probably the same – alternatives are slim pickings, I’m told) Government will be ruling Malaysia. How’s that for shortening the agony of the voting public?

You Threaten Me, I Ridicule You

Tactics we acquire on the school playground clearly escalates in life and are eventually used on life’s big stage. Just ask Israel and Palestine in their tit-for-tat war. But it’s not just them, all sectors of society play this game, religions, big businesses (Microsoft annoys Google, Google does the same), marriage, you name it.

The last, very unnecessary retaliation is the Newspaper Cartoonist vs. Muslims. In 2006 some Danish cartoonist offended the religion when their newspapers published cartoons offensive to Muslims. After what turned out to be a global outcry, things quietened down – on the surface at least.

In the dark underbelly of religious fundamentalism, terrorist attacks, bomb making and retribution must have been the main topics of conversation at many a Terrorist Fundamentalist party. Eventually a plot to murder one of the said cartoonist where uncovered. The cartoonist retaliated with a printed bomb by publishing the cartoons again.

Can somebody please call the school yard monitor?

Microsoft, Google, Linux, Symbian – Spoilt for Choice

Clearly the Bill Gates Foundation has money to spare, as it seems Microsoft is running down the acquisitions isle grabbing companies off the shelf left and right. In their latest move, whilst waiting to smother Yahoo! with cash, they’ve acquired ominously named Danger.

Planning world domination in the smart phone market William will face stiff competition from not only the established crowd, but a host of new entries as well.

Linux finally made it to the mobile market. Previously unpopular because it was comparatively slow, the little penguin embraced by more every day, has grown up and is playing with the big boys. LG and Samsung will shortly be releasing phones running on Linux. Likewise, Google’s Andriod operating system, also based on Linux, is gaining ground and has reportedly signed up over 50 manufacturers and vendors to play nice with their OS.

The makers of Symbian, growing strongly with a comfortable market share, is not worried. Whatever the outcome, the consumer can only win.

Heroes Will be Back Shortly

Finally, after 3 months of Heroes withdrawal, the Writers Strike has ended and the creatives who fuel Hollywood will be returning to work.

If you were puzzled by having to watch reruns of your favourite shows over the last three months, and an inexplicable increase in reality programming, it’s because the people who write your shows have been on strike.

This was courtesy of the fat cat studios, who where trying to apply 1980’s payment formula’s to the 2008, wanting to pay writers on a model they got shafted with and tied to 20 years ago (nutshell – get the clamshell).

Lucky for us, the viewing public, the people involved managed to sort out the differences and will be able to go back to work. Heroes Season 3, here we come!

Siblings Do It Better… no wait, Worse!

Britney Spears has one. Jessica Simpson has one. Hell, Bill Clinton and George Bush have one. Siblings, that is. And not just any old siblings, but siblings who manage to upstage their more famous siblings for better or worse – but usually for worse.

The latest celebrity sibling to join the fray is Paris’ little bro, who, by the looks of it, is a brother from another mother. Named Barron Hilton (why is Nicky normally named?), he dubiously shot to fame for an incident which seems to run in the family. DUI. And clearly Paris has been a fine role model, as little B.Hilly was also banned from driving when he got caught. The boy is only 18 – nice start to life – if he had to get a job like the rest of us, that little smudge on his record would have sucked.

Maybe the Hiltons can convert one of their hotels into a lavish, 5-star prison… for special citizens like Paris and her Brother. Nicky and Conrad, watch out, you know how these celebrity mishaps appear to be contagious, go on, just ask Jamie Lynn.

Never Be Out of Touch… Ever Again

If you thought Facebook couldn’t get more invasive… well, it just did. Gypsii is set to launch soon and it will enable you to broadcast to the world where you are, exactly. Thankfully, it only will work on top end phones for now, which means even if I lost my mind (completely) and wanted to use it, my lag in technology will keep me out of Big Brother’s clutches a little while longer.

Stay Virus Free This Valentines Day

And, last but not least – if you want to stay virus free this Valentines Day do just two things: don’t open email messages wishing you a Happy Valentines Day… and wear a condom, k?

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