Halo Cafe, City Mall, Kota Kinabalu

Halo Cafe is in City Mall, upstairs, sort of out-side on the mezzanine level and a little tucked away, if not hidden.

Halo Cafe located on the mezzanine level in City Mall, Kota KinabaluBut we were drawn in by a duo strumming their guitar and singing, quite out of place in City Mall where previously we didn’t realise live entertainment featured. It’s when we went up the stairs in between Starbucks and Big Apple Donuts, that we discovered Halo Cafe.

Halo Cafe, if it wasn’t for where it was, could have been a trendy, colourful side-walk cafe. In lieu of not being on the sidewalk, it’s still a trend and very colourful cafe cum snack bar cum bar, and if it wasn’t for their live entertainment, we might not have discovered it.

Halo Cafe was packed with young, trendy and beautiful Chinese. I felt a little out of place, but nobody seemed to care (white people are so 1999), so neither did I. Shortly after sitting down, one of the service staff appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and wiped the table. Moments later the waiter materialised from a previously unseen location and offered us the extended menu.

Halo Cafe’s extensive menu featuring plenty of interesting drinks and snacksApple Green Tea, California Sunrise and a Mango Float.  I’m sure you can figure out which is which.Halo Cafe in City Mall has a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, most of which are as colourful as Halo Cafe’s decor. As our little impromptu eatery-crawl had no large-night aspirations, all three of us chose non-alcoholic cocktails. I had the very green Apple Green Tea, Julia had the California Sunrise and John opted for the Mango Float. The drinks, pictured, are clearly distinguishable.

In what is the most superior service so far experienced at City Mall – especially after the lethargy we experienced at Big Apple Donuts – our drinks were delivered in record time.

Halo Cafe’s menu also features plenty of snacks and full on meals, but as we discovered the treasure that is Halo Cafe after our Big Apple Donut and Old Town White Coffee adventures, we had no desire, on this occasion, for food. The drinks are mostly RM7.90 and the food items are all well below RM20 each, some even sub-RM10. Every item on the menu also has a discounted happy hour equivalent, but I didn’t notice what time happy hour is.

The currently unknown (to me) duo that sang at Halo Cafe.The voice and music that enticed us upstairs to Halo Cafe in the first place, belonged to a duo that finished up and left before we could hear too much or get any of their details. It was a boy/girl combination, him strumming the acoustic guitar and her supplying the vocals to what were Chinese songs – at least, the two songs we heard before they called it a night was.

Halo Cafe as seen when you’re on a high and floating above it.It was already quite late when we arrived at Halo Cafe, so it was no surprise when at about half past midnight the waiter came over to ask if it was ok if they brought us the bill, as they were about to close. We took our time finishing our drinks and departed just before 1am.

As Halo Cafe in City Mall still has a vibe to explore, a live act to experience and plenty of menu items to sample, we will have to return to City Mall for another, more thorough visit to Halo Cafe.

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  • Ben Thomas

    13 January 2008 at 01:53

    Halo cafe kk seemed packed with people everynight, sometime i have to wait for half an hours for a sit, goodness me. I can see why, as many young trendy people are there, and specially for young people come out at night for enjoying themself from the hard day of work or school. I like it very much as the environment has given me such relaxation, talking with friends…and the singers quite an amazing.

    Drinks just full of varieties, and food are reasonable and for the prices i think is reasonable as well in such a high standard and quality of it. What a pity i have fly back, probably hv to wait for my next vacation.

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