Big Apple Donuts in City Mall, Kota Kinabalu

Having tried the best of KL’s donuts, I thought it only fair to sample the newest, local donut factory, Big Apple Donuts in City Mall.

Big Apple Donuts in City Mall, Kota KinabaluIt was in fact not the first time I had stopped by Big Apple Donuts, but they’re either too popular or too slow, because on the previous two visits there, they had no donuts on display and none on the standby shelves. The people of KK are obviously starved for donuts.

I nevertheless called up Julia and John tonight asking them to converge on Big Apple Donuts in City Mall for a donut taste testing. I was feeling lucky, and my curiosity, as always, was longing to be satisfied.

They obviously sell lots of the holes he J Co went so on about. Here’s their trays of holes on display.We arrived fairly late, but with plenty of time to spare before closing time, only to find the display trays empty. The staff in the back, where they make the donuts, were standing idle, chit-chatting to each other, so I thought we were out of luck. But even in light of the empty trays, there was still a queue of about 5 people and when we asked the sales people why, they said more donuts were on the way, E.T.A. about 30 minutes. I was unwilling to wait.

John tried to pre-book some donuts, but they said there will be no pre-booking of donuts, so we were left to return in 30 minutes, if we wanted to. I was reluctant, but just as reluctant to return home without knowing what the hype is around Big Apple Donuts.

To while away the time we went next door to Old Town White Coffee and had some coffee and egg-toast. Julia got up twice to check on the donut progress, and when the second time she didn’t return, we knew she struck gold (or dough). We paid the bill and joined her in the short queue.

A few donuts finally arrive in the display trays.Spoilt for choice - 28 types begging to be tastedPrices of the donuts - when you get can it.

Not sure if this was on purpose, but the service was quite slow, which meant that a queue built up, perhaps making the donuts look more popular than they really are. Eventually we had our turn. We quickly assessed the choices, chose and left with 6 donuts boxed in. If they had more customers like us, they would have no queues.

We sat down and unleashed our bounty. We had, as usual, a mixed basket and quickly divided the donuts into 3’s for taste testing purposes. My solitary opinion of the donuts in Big Apple Donuts in City Mall is as follow:

Spicy Flossy
Who says chicken floss is eaten with bread only?” – I was a bit stunned when John and Julia chose this one – chicken on my donut? It was a really foreign concept, but it wasn’t the first in Malaysia (first foreign concept), so I approached it with a cheese-and-chocolate-chip cookie mentality – something you won’t expect to taste very good, but might just pleasantly surprise you.

And I was surprised alright, because it tasted exactly like chicken floss on a donut. I prefer my fast-food chicken either flame grilled like they do in Nando’s, or at a stretch, deep friend in the Colonel’s eleven herbs and spices. Very definitely not flossed and certainly not on a donut.

Treat yourself with excessive indulgence of banana and dark chocolate” – everybody loves banana, and ever since Secret Recipe’s chocolate-and-banana cake, everybody loves banana and chocolate. It therefore just seems right to do a banana and chocolate donut.

And yes, it was pretty yummy. The dark chocolate donut had a creamy banana filling and was fluffy and delicious. I can’t see myself having it with coffee, unless it’s an espresso, but it was a pretty good donut. Of course, I’m bias towards anything with banana in it.

Go Nutz
You like peanut? Be careful with this nutz” – bad copy aside, this jam soaked, peanut covered donut was pretty delicious. I wouldn’t recommend it on your first date though, because you’re bound to have bits stuck in your teeth for the rest of the night, but other than that, go on, try one.

Homer Simpson’s no.1 choice, milk chocolate with cappuccino cream” – not that I have ever seen Homer Simpson eat this particular donut (I thought plain glazed was his one and only) and sure, they misspelled cappuccino (check the donut board), but I still thought that was the best donut of our lot. Probably because I like coffee, but I felt the flavour complimented the fluffy texture of the donut quite nicely.

Choreo & Hot Berry (Didn’t try these, saved them for Julia’s parents)
Get ready! Oreo will knock you off your feet” – When I first saw it, I thought it was a fish egg donut (hey, there’s a chicken floss donut, so a fish egg donut is not so far fetched!). Turns out that it’s an Oreo donut.
Tantalizing strawberry centered filling” – could also have been a strawberry filled center, but who am I to judge?

If you put J Co Donuts and Big Apple Donuts next to each other, they’re not that different. Their line-up of donuts are very similar, ever their store layout is pretty similar.

Where Big Apple Donuts are different though, is in the donut dough. Their donut dough is light and fluffy, which means you can probably eat a hell of a lot more Big Apple Donuts than you could J Co Donuts. Big Apple Donuts leaves you feeling not so full, whereas J Co Donuts have a heavier donut dough, leaving you feeling you just had a dozen donuts after just a few.

I would love to add the skinny about this company, but they don’t seem to have an official website yet. Perhaps I didn’t look all that hard, I’m feeling a bit lazy.

The verdict between the three of us: all of us thought the donuts were only so-so and that we’ve had better elsewhere. What I did like about the donuts was their light and fluffy dough. But not being exactly a big donut fan, this might just be the last that Big Apple Donuts at City Mall sees of me.

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