Malaysian Minister in Sex Scandal

Malaysian sex scandals, especially Malaysian ministers in sex scandals, seems to be more scandalous than most.

Perhaps it is because Malaysia is a society distilled from it’s sexuality where sex is one of those things that people don’t talk about. Openly, at least. Unless, of course, it’s a sex scandal. That seems to be the only time when Malaysians talk openly about sex.

So it came with little surprise that with the revelation of the latest Malaysian sex scandal, that the entire world seems to have picked up on it. Of course, the fact that it features a minister in a sex scandal just makes it that much juicier.

As sex scandals in Malaysia go, the story was uncovered when VCDs of the minister having sex were circulated in a suburb in Johor (hmm, think he had any enemies then?). When will politicians, and I’m referring to politicians the world over, when will they stop recording their sexual exploits? Or find themselves in situations where it is recorded unknown to them.

This particular Malaysia sex scandal reeks of setup though. Apparently the right honorable MCA Vice President and Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek got caught doing sexually scandalous deeds with, of all people, a florist from Datu Pahat.

I searched online for “malaysian minister sex scandal video” and found this video clip. But don’t get too excited, it only serves to strengthen a little pet conspiracy theory of mine and has nothing exciting going for it. It shows the room in which this Malaysian sex scandal allegedly took place. Supposedly, the former Health Minister refered to the woman in question as his “close personal friend”.

In the little bit you can see in the sex scandal video clip, he doesn’t seem to act like a minister about to get it on with a close personal friend though. Is having an extra marital affair with a close personal friend less scandalous than admitting you had sex with a prostitute?
Also, the recording of the screen, which was showing the sex scandal video clip, shows the screen split into four, like surveillance equipment or CCTV, which means that either this room was frequently used for creating a varied variety of sex scandals (and thus, it is unlikely that it was his close personal friend and more like a paid friend of the fleeting kind), or the proprietors were expecting a certain Minister and his close personal florist friend for some scandalous, how shall we put this, carnal arrangements. It reeks of setup to me.

A speculative theory that I heard on the grapevine goes like this. Corruption in Malaysia is rife, as it is in many other countries. When the heat gets a bit much in the kitchen, some Malaysian political parties like to demonstrate how transparent they are, and how tightly their righteous members walk the rope – especially in the vicinity of an election.

Now, I’m not suggesting that this is what happened, but when an example needs to made of a member who might be rumoured to not be as righteous as the people would like, what better way to do it then set up a certain minister and his close personal friend. Just catch them in the act of scandalous sex, and bam, you have yourself a minister in a sex scandal ready to be made an example of.

All you do is, you out him in public by, lets say, distributing VCDs showing the minister having sex, set him up for public judgment and have him quit (ostensibly before you can publicly humiliate him by firing him). Suddenly your party is pure, white, righteous, for the people and for the family unit and high morals again.

Besides, we all know there no such thing as bad publicity – and what better way to get your struggling party’s name on the lips of the (soon to be voting) nation?

Oh, and don’t look too hard for video clips of the minister in the sex scandal. You can bet your ass that as fast as you are typing “malaysian minister sex scandal“, as fast the Special Branch guys are doing the same and having those sex scandal video clips removed.

But if you find any, do let me know 😉

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