Xmas-New Years Limbo

There’s a good reason for a full week between Christmas and New Year’s. So that your body can recover from XODB4NYOD. Xmas Over Dose before New Years Overdose.

However, in KK there is no reprieve, because inconsiderate parents everywhere went and gave birth to children on those precious few days of recovery, consequently sprouting the need to celebrate several birthdays in this stretch, not with what, but with parties.

One such soul is Julia. Julia’s birthday is tomorrow (hip hip, hooray!) , but she’s having the shin-dig tonight. So that’s what I’ve been busy with for the last few evenings. Planning, and running around, gathering bits and pieces like a squirrel gathering nuts in autumn. Gav, a good mate, Irishman extraordinary and a recently-moved-inner, is graciously playing host to her event in his home. Thank god for Irishmen extraordinary.

We’ve promised to leave his pad neater than when we found it (a tough promise, as his place is pretty neat already), so we’ll have to save some elbow grease for after the fact.

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  • Julia

    30 December 2007 at 23:24

    Hehe. Was a good run though. One more party, and then we're done, at least for a few weeks. Thanks for helping with the party, your effort did not go unnoticed 😀

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