Steamboat in SS2, Kuala Lumpur

The night market (or pasar malam) in SS2 was our dinner destination. Steamboat was on the menu.SS2 had featured quite a bit on this trip and by now we had visited all sides of the public square for various food and drink adventures. Tonight, as the night market was taking place, we would go around the entire square twice, looking for things that might be interesting. Night markets are usually good for local food and culture, but casual tourists often don’t know the night market schedule.

Anyway, I was with people who know, so I got to visit the night market. And indeed, it was one of those huge sprawling night markets, the size of which I’ve only ever seen in Kuala Lumpur. We meandered through the masses of people crammed in between the narrow isles created by the hundreds of stall jostling for space. They were selling anything from simple, home made sweets, to underwear, alarm clocks and hardware.

Seaweed Jelly Honey - a drink just waiting for a cult followingJon stopped at a stall selling Seaweed Jelly Honey. Besides not sounding particularly appetising, it also didn’t look to inviting, but being in an adventurous mood, I tried some nevertheless. It turned out to be quite refreshing and not unlike lemonade. How they manged to make Seaweed Jelly Honey taste like lemonade must be closely guarded secret.

Cholesterol Patrol - they would get a heart attack right here. Deep fried chicken oil vats.We also walked past the Malaysian version of the Pit of Despair, something that would surely cause my untimely death in a matter of weeks. It was two wells of oil frying away on what I thought was Keropok, a popular prawn-cracker type snack. However, did Julia correct me, it was chicken. The colonel would have applauded their efforts, because this was fried chicken at it’s best. I could feel my arteries clogging up just looking at it.

Our main aim for being here though was to have the much healthier steamboat for dinner and after our stroll through the night market we had worked up a decent appetite. Just next to the stall where previously we found the cheap beers, a huge selection of raw food was on display, ready to be selected for the steamboat feast.

Jon the Brother and I nominated Julia to make the selection of goodies to eat, which she duly did. I the usual suspects were mushroom and fish balls. In her selection pig stomach also featured. Nothing weird, it’s a popular dish here, but I have never eaten it, because frankly, stomach, or any animal innards doesn’t really appeal to me.

A table full of choice steamboat items.The table, lined up with a steamboat goodiesChoose it and stick it in the bowl, boil it and poof, dinner.A nice juice piece of pig stomach.  No steamboat dinner is complete without it.

However, it was a night for adventure so I indulged in a little pig stomach for the first time ever. It wasn’t horrible, I’ve honestly eaten worse things in my life, but it had a bitter aftertaste that did nothing to endear itself and thus it marks the last time I will knowingly eat pig stomach. But hey, one less thing to do before I die.

The rest of the steamboat items were quite delicious. Apart from the fact that eating steamboat in the heat requires a slightly higher tolerance for the temperature of the boiling food as opposed to eating it in the cold, it was quite enjoyable.

SS2’s famous tourist attraction - a fancy looAfter dinner Julia and I went for another round of night market and stopped at the loo. This loo apparently is a bit of a tourist attraction. The facilities inside are a bit run down and old, but it’s clean and very nicely decorated with flowers and posters in side. My chosen urinal, for instance, had a large poster of Star Wars hanging above it.

We left the night market shortly after we completed our second round and collect Jon the Brother. It was still early, and not feeling like going home yet, we decided to watch I am Legend at Mid Valley Mega Mall.

After that, it was home and to bed, looking forward to yet another day of shopping tomorrow.

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