Delicious, a restaurant in Bangsar Village II

We woke up this morning in time for brunch at Delicious. Headacheless, which is good news, because that means that the Smirnoff Triple Distilled we had last night was not as dubious as we suspected.

Having decreed today a day of shopping, Julia thought it best to load me with food before we start. She has by now learned that if I don’t eat, I can be quite unpleasant.

Hey, I can’t help it – blood sugar goes down, agro level goes up – easily rectified, just throw the dog a biscuit 🙂

Delicious - it really is.We ended up at restaurant called Delicious, in Bangsar Village II. The owner apparently ran a clothes shop before, but such is the cafe culture currently in Kuala Lumpur, that there’s a cafe virtually everywhere you go, no matter what type of shop you run. Delicious has the cutting edge, because their food is in fact pretty good.

The menu is fairly varied with a selection of salads, pastas and local dishes and a range of hot and cold beverages, coffees and soft drinks. The prices are also reasonable, considering where it is. The times we’ve walked past it, it was as busy as it was when we came to sit down, but we only waited to be seated, no queues as such.

Pasta Fungi - Truffles if you please.Julia likes it creamyFor sustained energy from carbohydrates, I chose a pasta dish, and so did Julia. As a trademark of our tastes, her’s came with a creamy sauce, and mine with a lighter, not so creamy sauce.

The brunch was brief, but good, and we set out on our shopping trip, nipping into boutiques and shops as we went, to satisfy Julia’s craving to shop.

Tonight is Anne’s wedding reception, so we’ll be back early enough, in time for a cat nap and for Nav to pick us up.

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