American Chili’s, Bangsar

American Chili’s is a tex mex restaurant that does big ass portions of food and drink.

American Chili’s.  You start with a big-ass menu and it just gets bigger from there.Julia had psyched me up about this restaurant since months ago and I had really high expectations. The food certainly didn’t disappointed although, did she admit, the service wasn’t quite as up to scratch, as she had expected.

Nevertheless, we took our sweet time ordering drinks and snacks whilst we waited for Jon (Julia’s brother) and Nav who were both making their way from somewhere else to join us. John, the Engineer, had also arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Kota Kinabalu and would join us later on.

The food portions, as expected, were huge and in light of the amount of food we had during the day (not to mention the snacks we had whilst waiting), it was in fact too much for me to handle. Myself, as well as Julia, ended up saving half our portions and by the time John (the Engineer) joined us, he had a full meal waiting for him.

I had a big-ass margarita, which came in a mug and had me well buzzed. The drinks, as expected, were a bit on the expensive side, so we curbed our enthusiasm as Jon (Julia’s brother) said he would take us to a cheap place to drink beer afterwards.

Cheap-ass beer ontop of our big-ass meal at Chili’sMy juvenile obsession with the word “kak” (shit in Afrikaans), which appears too frequently around here.And so it happened then that after our dinner at American Chili’s we headed back over to Section 22 where we were the previous night for our late night noodles. This time however we were on the other side of the public square were we found what we thought were RM5 cans of beer (arguably the cheapest we could find in Kuala Lumpur).

The 5 of us (myself, John the Engineer, Julia, her brother Jon and Nav) sat down and had ourselves some cheap-ass beer. Chatter ensued and soon we found ourselves on the ugly side of 3am again.

And, as it happened so many times before (and will so many times again in the future), the party dispersed and headed for their respective homes where well deserved sleep would usher in the day to come.

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