A quick post from Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Just a quicky to prevent my blog from going stale…

I’m in Bangsar, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur at the moment, making a short post from a slow computer with a dodgy Internet connection.

Today was quite productive – we managed to get to the South African High Commission, where a fairly rude (albeit not to bad looking) girl told me “no”, “no” and “no” to whatever I asked her about trying to register the fact that I’m divorced. More about that later.

I also found the cheapest shoes in the most expensive mall in Kuala Lumpur and am well chuffed with myself.

Have been eating and eating and eating and I’m sure I’m already 5kgs heavier than when I left KK two days ago. Had dinner at American Chillis last night and geezz did we pig out.

At the moment, John, Julia and myself are waiting for Julia’s brother to come back so that we can go for dinner at Out of Africa – a South African restaurant here in Kuala Lumpur where hopefully we’re going to find the food that I’ve been telling them about. I’m salivating already…

I’ve been taking pictures like a typical tourist so have loads to post. We are out of the house from early till very, very late last night, got up early again this morning and only came back now for a short re-charge and will be heading out again shorty for what promises to be a late night again.

Updates and details will follow in due cours.

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