Sushi Stop at Sushi King, Food Court KLCC

Because watching fish and petting sharks is hard work, we decided to reward ourselves with a wee snack.

That, and the fact that we had gone without food for more than an hour. We wandered through the food court at the KLCC, mesmerised by the sheer volume of food choices we were faced with and fully intending not to have sushi, we ended up in Sushi King.

They had some specials on eel going, same as in Kota Kinabalu. The Malaysian sushi market must have been flooded with excess eel recently, because it seems as if every sushi restaurant in Malaysia is running a special on eel.

Sushi Specials. Eat eat eat.Sushi Train. Lots and lots of sushi.To support the clearing of the over-supply of eel in the market, we ordered some eel rolls. The salmon rolls were pretty cheap too, and knowing that we were in for a late dinner, we had some of that as well. And miso soup, and a few assorted rolls.

As if by this time I wasn’t stuffed enough, I filled the airspaces between the food in my fat belly with enough green tea to last me until at least dinner. After accumulating a mountain of plates, we rolled out Sushi King and to the train station where we zipped to Bangsar Station and onto a feeder bus which deposited us at the doorstep of what is quite possibly one of Malaysia’s largest malls, Mid Valley Mega Mall.

We did a minimum amount of shopping here as our day and energy was almost finished. Yet we still managed to see some interesting stores, i.e. the Pink Pussy Cat (I accidentally created an obscene photo when I misplaced my arm during the shot) and the world of Crocs. The Croc Shop (hehe) was a tourist attraction for me, small town boy from Kota Kinabalu, as there we only have one or two department stores, which sells a very tiny selection of Crocs.

The Pink Pussy.  Oh, sorry, the Pink Pussy CAT!Crocs.  More than I can handle.After marveling at wonders of what can be done with molds and plastic compounds, we slowly made our way back to Bangsar for dinner at American Chili’s.

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