Rapid-KL to KLCC

What used to be called the LRT system or Light Railway Transit system the last time I was in Kuala Lumpur (2 years ago), is now referred to as Rapid-KL. Not sure why, I think I heard something in the line of the previously private line being taken over by the government, or was that the other way around…

The Rapid-KL is an automated (driverless) rail-based transport system that is regular, convenient and relatively cheap. There’s an extensive network that covers core routes with feeder busses at most station servicing nearby neighborhoods.

Tickets can be bought from dispensing machines, or from the personnel seated at most stations. They vary in price from I think about RM1.30 to about RM4, depending on how far you want to travel. Most of the rail is elevated and above ground, although there are some parts that are underground.

Bangsar Station from the outside Rapid-KL approaches.  Rapidly.This carriage sponsored by KFC Zinger

Anyway, after a short taxi ride to the Bangsar Station, this was our chose mode of transport to our first of my stops for shopping in Kuala Lumpur, the KLCC. Home to the tallest twin towers in the world, the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre) makes up the bottom 6 floors of the Petronas Towers.

It consists out of loads of famous brand stores, many restaurants, a cinema complex, an aquarium, a huge garden and of course, the tallest twin towers in the world. It’s also very handy, as the LRT goes underground and stops at the KLCC station, which means when you exit you’re right inside the shopping complex.

We did a bit of window shopping here before we headed to the aquarium. In the centre of the shopping centre they have what must surely be, if not the tallest, then at least one of the tallest Christmas trees around.

In KL, would I realise, they mean business when they do Christmas decorations.

Surely one of the tallest Christmas trees around


  • JACQ

    23 December 2007 at 08:54

    OMG super huge Christmas tree! But what is that they put on top that's making the tree slanted? Looks like.. goo?

  • 1Earth

    23 December 2007 at 09:34

    No la, probably some lightweight something.

    The tree looks slanted because that one picture is made up of 3 photos that I tried to blend together as best I could (not very) – so it looks a bit funny.

    The tree is like 7 storeys high, no way I could get it in one picture. If you look closely you'll see where the pictures meet – middle pic is just a small strip.

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