Nando’s and Eyebrow Threading

Considering our late night or rather early morning, we managed to crawl out of bed at the quite respectable time of 11.00am.

Late night noodles in spite, I woke up ravenous and could think of nothing better than a nice western breakfast. After plenty of effort I managed to wake Julia from the dead and we set off to Bangsar in search of the perfect breakfast.

We wondered into Bangsar Village I (right next to Bangsar Village II) and tried to find a cheap eatery. Clearly we were trying to crack a stone with an egg as there are no cheap eateries in either Bangsar Village I or II. It was then that we walked past something familiar that I haven’t seen or tasted in literally years…

Where does Nando’s come from?

Nando’s is a Portuguese-style chicken restaurant. In spite of this, it is in fact a South African born restaurant chain, even though many people wonder and will argue this fact. Let it be known that yes, Nando’s is found world-wide, but Nando’s is South African!

It’s good chicken. Very much unlike the Colonel’s, it’s flame grilled and is in fact a healthy fast food. They are most famous for their Peri Peri chicken, and in South Africa, if you tease the grillers, the Peri Peri can make you cry.

I’ve had Nando’s in the UK, Australia and Malaysia, and everywhere the Extra Hot Peri Peri is about what the mild is in South Africa. Not sure of the logic here, because Malaysians love their chili, yet the extra hot Peri Peri in Nando’s Malaysia is the most sedate I’ve encountered.

The menu includes other great items like mielies, excellently crafted French fries, wraps and pitas and chicken livers.

Because I get excited whenever I encounter a South African anything, I immediately abandoned the hunt for a cheap eat (Nando’s is not that cheap) and dragged Julia into Nando’s for what had become lunch. I quickly ran her through the best of the menu.

She settled on a quarter chicken leg with a mielie on the side (I recommended Lemon & Herb as she’s an exception to the average chili-loving Malaysian) and I myself chose my favourite, an Extra Hot chicken burger with loads of fries (leave me alone, they’re cholesterol free!).

Nando’s, oh Nando’s, chicken so good. In front of this sign, for a picture I stood.Julia and Nando’s.  Life is good.Extra Hot Peri Peri Chicken Burger.  In Malaysia, not really all that hot.

The service was fast and friendly and soon we were munching away charging ourselves for our first day in Kuala Lumpur.

Between plucking and waxing there’s threading

With our stomachs full of Peri Peri chicken we headed out the back of Bansar Village I to a taxi stand from where we were going to go to the LRT (Light Railway Transit) station for our journey to the centre of the earth town.

We got distracted however, when Julia noticed that across the road there was a beauty salon that offered threading.

Threading is one of those beauty treatments that, like waxing, borders on sadism and masochism. My theory is that women can bare the pain of childbirth, because they are brought up on beauty treatments which constantly expands their tolerance for pain. Waxing, plucking, trimming, pulling, tweezing… I get goose bumps just thinking of most of it.

Bite it, twist it, pull it, bopp it!Rudulf the red eye-browed reindeer, had his eyebrows treaded… Quick and tidy. But not so painless.

Anyway, into the beauty salon we went and Julia paid a whopping RM4 for this treatment. Threading involves a thread – no surprise there. The therapist bites the one end of the tread and then works what appears to be magic with the other end.

I can’t actually prove it, but the theory is that she lines up the eyebrow hairs along the desired line, curl the hairs up in the thread and zzzzzip, pulls the hairs from the root in one swift movement. Julia says it’s like a machine-gun fire of pops as the individual hairs quickly lifts from their roots, much like waxing.

My eyebrows are quite bushy, but I firmly declined when her smile and stare fixed on my brow invited me to experience the treatment. We were done in about 5 minutes and returned to the taxi stand, her eyebrows glowing.

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  • amdar4

    27 May 2008 at 02:09

    Just found your blog when I googled threading… and that's when I saw Nando's and had to read on. I'm from SA and live in New York. So weird to read about Nando's.

    I miss Nando's!!

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