Late-night Noodles in Section 22

At 2am, after the crowd at The Talk had dispersed, Julia and I realised that we had in fact not had anything that resembled dinner. As The Talk’s menu was a bit funky and costly we thought about some alternatives.

Luckily the ever-up-for-a-late-night Nav and perpetually keen for anything Jon knew where to take us. A place called Section 22 or something like that for what Nav swore was the best Indo Mee this side of Causeway.

We all piled into Nav’s big, borrow Merc with the broken aircon and cruised along to t Section 22. We drove past several stalls only to find his haunt, which he hadn’t visited in year, to find it not there any longer.

We had to settle for second best; just a normal cluster of Mee Goreng (friend noodles) in the nearby area. We ordered a few plates of noodles and I had a glass of Teh Tarik not-so-sweet and we chatted away for another hour or so.

Eventually we had to call it a night and Nav drove Julia, Jon and myself home. I hit the sack falling into a deep, 1-bottle-of-tiger and a long-airasia-flight induced sleep.

Midnight Indo Mee StoreThe half-finished noodles and a dish that could have contained cow stomachNav (left) showing Jon how to administer a version of ‘The Shocker’

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