Aquaria @ KLCC

As we were in KLCC we decided we’d visit Aquaria @ KLCC.

Whilst searching for its location (near Tower Records, in case you wondered), we stumble upon a chocolate shop and couldn’t resist when offered a Strawberry Dipped Chocolate (sic), so we paused for a sugar charge.

Strawberry Dipped Chocolate.  Should probably have been Strawberry Dipped IN chocolate.Chocz.  They sell, well, chocolate.  And coffee.

Eventually we found Aquaria @ KLCC, which is, as the name might have revealed, an aquarium located at the KLCC.

It opened it’s doors to the public in 2005 and although it’s a relatively small exhibit compared to the aquariums in Sydney, Singapore and Cape Town, the experience is impressive and well worth the visit.

Having said that, RM38 for a non-Malaysian visitor is a bit steep, but a tourist is as a tourist does. Luckily, the friendly aquarium staff accepted my Malaysian work visa and gave me the Malaysian rate of RM28, which immediately made me feel good about my Aquaria @ KLCC experience.

To help you curb the urge to stick your hands in the open tanks, one of the first exhibits in the door is the petting zoo. There are three shallow pools of water where you can prod and probe to your hearts content – I can only image this is in an effort to keep busy and curious fingers out of more sensitive and dangerous tanks later on.

Petting Zoo.  Cute little sharks. Another tough day in the aquarium.  The Turtle Group Sex Exhibit.The turtle was shy but the really, really big fish wasn’t. Is he smiling?

I immediately grew attached to the first tank full of what I think I remember as sand sharks. Cute, almost like puppies, they were quite keen to be stroked and, did I imagine, they kept on circling back to get another belly rub.

The rest of the exhibits were very aquarium-like and nothing exceptionally outstanding, except for perhaps a crashed multimedia display. The tunnel underneath the shark-tank was quite impressive and the only other similar experience I’ve had was at the Singapore zoo. As we stood on the travelator, big sharks, sting rays and other rather large fish swooped overhead or just lazily floated past.

Waaaaa - look, so squishy. Two big sharks, hungry for what they see.  Luckily there’s glass between them and me.140 million years ago there was no Microsoft.  Life was good.

If I didn’t get my dive license earlier this year I guess I would have been awed a little more, but it’s hard to get excited about things that are behind 3 inch glass walls when you’ve seen it up close with no barriers (although, my big mouth, I’ve never been this close to sharks or stingrays yet – I’m awaiting my turn to go to Sipidan or Lyang Lyang for that).

In the Aqurium Gift Shop. Soft and fluffy and very hugable.  And of course, nice stuffed toys too. Quite likely the only person to go to an aquarium and buy… giraffes.

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