KL here I come

I’m packed, traveling light in anticipation of all the stuff I’m bringing back and raring to go to Kuala Lumpur. But first, there’s a work day to get out of the way.

I went to bed way too late this morning – I took my sweet time to make sure I’m taking just enough stuff, but the right stuff. No use in packing light if you forget half the stuff you need. So after meticulously calculating the minimum number of underwear and sox that I can get away with (budgeting for commando days helped bring this number down) , I was happy with the two slightly filled backpacks that I’m taking with.

The airline of choice, AirAsia, is not an IATA bird, and thus they can allow as much luggage as they please – and they please to allow 15kgs. That sucks, because usually it’s 20kgs, but when you rock up with your load at the airport, they cash in on those extra 5kgs you don’t want to ditch. The AirAsia excess baggage charge is RM15 per kilo on the KK to KL flight (east to west Malaysia). In fact, people unknowingly expect 20kgs and then push the limit, so often they end up with 23 or 25kgs. AirAsia will make you pay – provided they let it on at all, because allowing excess baggage is “at their sole discretion“. Low cost carrier. Get. What. You. Pay. For.

The reason why everyone WANTS to flyAnyway, at work early today, planning to work through lunch and leaving at about 4pm – the flight’s at around six, so I don’t want to be late (although AirAsia might be – 15% chance of a flight delay seeing as how last month they were 85% on time).

Here’s hoping to get a glimpse of those hottie AirAsia hostesses they use everywhere in their advertising, but never actually have on the flights.

Right, time to do some work.

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