Who falls for these scams?

I received the following scam email at work. I work at a hotel, so this email is not totally misdirected. I post it here verbatim, errors and all.

I’m no genius and I have been scammed before, but people who still for this type of thing surely deserves to pay the price for the valuable lesson that they will learn when they’ve lost the money that they inevitably will from taking part in this scam:


Hello Mr,Mrs

I am Dr Antonio Martins, and live in Ivory coast.

We turn to your hotel for a reservation for 3 people during the time of the :
December 15, 2007 To the December 22, 2007

Accept you payement with credit cards (Visa,Mastercard) ?

However ,we have some problem about our travel ; i called this moorning the person in charge of travel agency (INTER VOYAGES) where we have as a practice of reserve our Flytickets for the voyages ,and he say me that their terminal of credit card is broken since 2 days.

Also,we are currently inside the country for a seminar;from there , we will go on your premise

We would like that you help us if possible to charge on our credit cards the price of the rooms and the price of our Flytickets (6000 Euro).The person in charge of travel agency await only this sum to confirm our tickets and to be thus in the standards for the voyage.

For your help,we will give you a commission of 1000 Euro

If it’s possible ,please we awaiting your confirmation and the total invoice :

-RESERVATION ??????????????

Also ,we send you our credit card number and the name of the person in charge of travel agency for the WESTERN UNION transfer of the 6000 euros.

Thank you in advance.

Dr. Antonio Martins

+225 08445325

This email obviously has scam written all over it and the method is simple – if you’re greedy enough (stupid enough) to fall for this, you will more than likely receive some credit card numbers via email. These credit card numbers will obviously be stolen.

In fact, if you believe the email, they are from the Ivory Coast, but I’m willing to bet good money (send your bet in the meantime, sucker!) that the credit card numbers will have names very much unlike what you could expect to find in the Ivory Coast.

You will be required, according to the sop story in the email, to swipe the credit cards and take the funds, immediately making you a thief. You will then transfer the monies to them via Western Union (so they can be anywhere on the planet, really) and keep 1,000 Euro’s for your trouble and hard work – you hard worker and trouble taker you.

They will disappear with the monies that you sent them and your bank will reverse the charges from your EFT Point when the persons who’s credit card numbers they’ve stolen, disputes the charges. Of course, you won’t be able to provide anything remotely in the realm of permission, so you will be out of pocket those monies you transfered to them (because I guess the so-called Ivorians won’t be transferring that back to you).

Haha. Dunce!

The only people more stupid than sending these emails, are those who actually fall for it. For your greed (and stupidity), you must pay.

Don’t be greedy. Don’t be stupid. Don’t fall for this scam.

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