Dinner at Sakae Sushi, Bangsar

Sakae Sushi is on the top floor of Bangsar Village 2 in Bangsar.

Quite convenient, as it’s a short walk away from where were staying and as it was a nice Kuala Lumpur evening, we decided to do just that – walk.

Sakae Sushi in BangsarSakae Sushi is a Japanese Restaurant with a philosophy. Supposedly founded by a man who’s wife loves sushi, he didn’t like the high prices (who does?). So he established Sakae Sushi so that his wife, who loved sushi, could enjoy great sushi at great prices. I instantly liked the guy.

We arrived around dinner time to find the restaurant not that busy, although there were a few patrons around. As you always should, we sat near the sushi train, or in this case, the sushi conveyor belt, which was long and filled with goodies.

Green tea is the drink of choice in a Japanese restaurant (it is for me) and today was no exception. The tea bags came in empty cups and we filled them from the tap that was positioned at the end of our table attached to the conveyor belt. The mouse and I was involved in some green tea spillage, but we hopefully both remain fully functional and none the worse for the splash.

Your order, only a few clicks away.  I spilled my green tea all over the mouse, I hope it still works. Anybody for a nice raw quail egg?  The adventurous eaters I sometimes find myself with…Ramen Noodles with some unidentified something-or-others.

Sakae Sushi has a very high-tec ordering system. A LCD is mounted on the one side of the table and features a mouse with which you can flip through a series of menus which reflect the restaurant’s menu items. You then click and choose your food items and when you submit it, it is sent to the kitchen and your order will then be processed.

We chose to order through the human waitress instead. Nothing like the personal touch, especially when you’re not exactly at home with an ordering system you just encountered. Wouldn’t want to end up with 10 servings of raw quail eggs just because I didn’t know what I was doing.

We pre-stuffed ourselves with choice items from the conveyor belt, including salmon and eel, which once again was on promotion. Jon the Brother had a noodle decorated with a raw quail egg (he knew what he was doing) and Julia had same colourful Ramen noodles. I played it safe and went with a set meal featuring fish. The food arrived at almost the same time and the portions were generous.

The total for all of us worked out to about RM60, which in my opinion is a bargain for Japanese food. We left predictably stuffed.

We took advantage of the nice evening it was by walking around Bangsar for a bit. We passed two places which seemed to have turned into heaving night clubs somewhere between being a sedate cafe during the day and now, nearly the hour of midnight. I was tempted to go check it out, but none of us were really dressed for it, as we hadn’t anticipated anything beyond dinner.

We ended up at an Irish pub instead. Finnighan’s is likely the most expensive watering hole I have ever encountered. Of course, I was blissfully unaware of this fact when Jon the Brother suggested we go there. As I walked in I saw a poster Beemish stout. I like a stout every now and gain and I’ve never encountered Beemish before, so I ordered from the waiter as we sat down, without having seen the menu.

When Julia and Jon asked for the menu to select their drinks, I saw the price for a pint of Beemish – RM29!! I nearly fell off my chair. I still had the RM10 Guiness stout from the morning’s outing to the Coliseum Cafe & Hotel fresh in my memory and nearly died thinking I’d have to now pay 3 times as much. I rushed over to the waiter as casually as I could and asked to to cancel the order. “Oh, sorry”, he said, “it’s already poured”, pointing over to where it was settling under the tap.

Damn Kuala Lumpur with their efficient service and staff.

We spent the next hour or so there sitting and chatting and that is how long I nursed the most expensive stout I have ever purchased. Our night ended at home after a slow and easy stroll home, the moon, full and bright on the horizon, rising on our last night in Kuala Lumpur.

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