The crack of dawn this morning was met by my cracking headache, what did I do again last night? I remember deep purple water…

… as it comes into focus I realise the memory is not that of deep purple water, although the liquid was deep purple it certainly wasn’t water. More images come into focus, I see Louren with his pirate sword (He-man sword, but it was a Pirate themed party, he gets credit) stirring the contents of a 25 litre dispenser – it’s the liquid of this dispenser that was deep purple.

Sangria, I believe is what the poison is called. The exact ingredients escape me, but wine, some or other soft drink (coke, sprite?) and lemon comes to mind. I can see the lemons floating on top like I can imagine the contents of my stomach might be doing on top of the water in the loo in a short while…

What that vessel be floating there?It be the Pirates of Borneo! Ghostship? No, party ship!The promise that comes with the ship?

Last night was what will surely be remembered as the legendary 30th birthday of Tiffany, party girl, hot chick and wife of Louren, captain of last night’s debauchery and pirate of (my) sobriety. I remember swaying about shortly after boarding the Pirates of Borneo although I am now unable to recall if this was due to the slightly choppy waters of the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park, or perhaps too much Sangria. I have a suspicion the former was aggravated by the latter.

The horde of pirates gathered at Jessleton Point, which is where I collected the memory of the purple sludge. We were there for about an hour whilst we waited for all the crew to arrive. The purple sludge was extremely drinkable and I think it was gulped down by all without much regard for it’s affect, which was stealthy indeed.

Little was I to know one of those heels would meet my exposed big-toe Julia and Phyllis.  Phyllis’s eye-patch didn’t come with instructions.Oh Captain, your hook, it’s so crooked!

We eventually meandered down to the pier where surprisingly rough water inside the harbour made it difficult for the pickled pirates to part the pier 😉 . The skilled crew from the Pirates of Borneo ensured everyone got on board without incident though and the merry making ensued.

The captain for the night (Louren) had organised a live-band for the boat, and I’m sure they were challenged as the boat swayed in the choppy waters through which we cruised. And oh, how we danced as the ship cruised along the coast guided by the Kota Kinabalu city lights, beer was consumed and more merry was made and dinner came about just in time to avoid any incidents of rat-faced-empty-stomach. The buffet style grub went down well and quick and soon everyone reconvened on the upper deck where dancing and singing and cans of warm Tiger or cold Carlsberg were consumed.

It was somewhere off the coast of Manukan Island that not one or two, but three birthday cakes were produced with the distinct intention of having them consumed by the hungry pirates. However, once the candles were blown out, the alcohol took over and soon cake was being smeared over any nearby face. And that’s how much of the cake I got to eat, as much as I could lick of my lips, and nose (yes, my tongue is that long) and cheeks.

Julia, myself, Phyllis.  Phyllis revealing the real reason why she wore an eye-patch on her mouthI at least tased the birthday cake.  That’s the birthday girl recovering some cake.More cake. At least, I really, really hope it is cake.

The night wrapped up with the boat safe in the harbour and the pirates disembarking to continue the partying on land. Cocoon was the chosen venue and in pirate garb we all stormed the door. I sat down for a while before I danced with Phyllis, which I stopped as my big-toe was throbbing where Julia’s 3-inch boot heel had cut a gash while we danced on the boat (*note to self: swaying boat, flip-flops, 3-inch heels, dancing -> bad idea), and I remember my pirate eye-patch, flipped open against my head, being annoying. We left not too long after that…

And here I am, head throbbing, morning glaring and a beautiful Saturday lying in wait. Now let’s see, what’s a cure for a hangover. Ah! Beer – pity, I’m working.

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