It’s a nice idea.

Here am I, willing and able to blog, but times are tough and pickings are slim and what is a guy to blog about?

Pay Per Post Where art Thou?

Not sure what’s up at, maybe they were harder hit by Google-gate than what I thought, or perhaps I’m not quick enough on the trigger, because I’ve not been able to pick up an opportunity from them for the last 3 days. Of course, I do only qualify for the lowest of the low paid posts, seeing as how I don’t have PageRank, but surely there should be a little something.

I even got up at 4am on Sunday morning just to check if perhaps there was morsel there for me to pick up. Izea said that their RealRank will be implemented this week, which is good news for other people, but not so good for me, as my PR0 is about equivalent to the amount of traffic that I’m getting, which isn’t all that much yet – but it’s steadily growing. Hopefully there will be a tidbit for me soon.

Buy it now and get 1% off (maybe)

So while I’m having confidence issues about my blog, I trawl other people’s blogs to bask in their PageRank. Whilst doing so I came across a few self-esteem boosting sites. Like finding out how much my blog is worth, for instance, which was encouraging to see, but not as encouraging as when I just checked and it’s almost 50% more today than it was yesterday. I’ve seen sites worth in the hundreds of thousands, so I’ve got some way to go and it’s not as if anybody would pay an actual $2,258 for my blog, but it’s a nice idea.

Winner of Best Reflection on Human Culture Blog as Voted by Neptunians

Then you might have noticed to the side of the blog in the Feeding Time section, that my blog now transmits to space. Yup, I now have the ability to bore Aliens as well as humans – if they were on their way to earth feeling hostile, hopefully they get hold of my blog, fall asleep and drive by earth in the middle of the night and when they wake up in the morning, realising how far they’ve overshot, maybe they’ll just continue onwards and destroy Mercury instead. Yeah, it’s as insane as thinking I have RSS running on Pluto, but hey, it’s a nice izea. Besides, it costs nothing and it’s another in-bound link (assuming we’re still playing that game), so why not submit your blog to space too?

My Blog ate it’s Vegetables

Another feel-good-tool is SEOmoz’s Page Strength indicator thingum, which is sort of PageRank esque, except in this one I actually got a ranking, whereas in PageRank all I got was fat, round ZERO. Based on that, Page Strength is my new best buddy… well, at a bare minimum I’ll sit with him during recess, but whenever I’m feeling down, I’ll just go check my Page Strength for a little pick me up.

Web Time Travel

If you were only born in 1998 and are now wondering what Yahoo! looked like in 1996, visit the, type in the address of whatever URLs past you are interested and go for a ride. I was going to list a 10 year-old site I used to run on Geocities, but it’s actually still alive and unchanged, so need for waybackmachine on that one. Har Har! But, do take a look at what Yahoo! 1996 looked like.

Anyway, I’m off to go gorge myself on the best steak in Kota Kinabalu and I’m taking a camera (a few megapixels up from my 1mpx wonder) so I will report back in due course.


  • JACQ

    21 November 2007 at 11:26

    I noticed on my PageRank toolbar, that those with a confirmed PR0, the colour will be grey (like yours), but those with inconsistent PageRank (that supposedly says PR0) is white. Perhaps they are in the KIV list? Hehe.. But anyway, I’ve stopped bothering myself with this PageRank issue. Luckily I didnt’ put my eggs all in one basket. 😉

  • 1Earth

    21 November 2007 at 14:01

    Ya, one basket. If you let the page load you’ll see mine is a white PR0 – and the more I uncover about the PR issue, the more I understand, but the more confused I get.

    So what other baskets do you put your eggs in, eh? 😉

  • anonymous

    28 March 2008 at 22:56

    Haha, this is how old I am!! I actually remember Yahoo from 1996 and how it used to LIST their search and I remember too, how frustrated I was back then when I could never really find anything I wanted… It's come a long way since, except that I still get frustrated…. Hmmmmm

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