My first PanoTools Panorama

Wohoo!! It only took me a full day (and that I blame on inferior equipment), but I have finally achieved something I’ve wanted to for a long long time.

I created a spherical panorama!!

What is it? Well, you know how in normal panoramas you can pan from left to right and right to left and around and around? Well, a spherical panorama is like you standing inside a big ball and you look up and down and left and right and any direction you want.

But this is not just your average panorama, oh no, nothing in my life is that easy. As you may know, I don’t have a decent digital camera. In fact, I don’t have any digital camera at all. What I do have is a mobile phone with a 1mpx camera that takes 640×480 pictures. And that is what I stitched my panorama together with – trust me, it shows.

However, working with vastly inferior equipment has given me the opportunity to suss out exactly how this little program works and shortly, not now, but shortly, I will share my knowledge with the world. Sure, there’s currently plenty of panotools tutorials out there, but this program was written by a genius, the panotools tutorials are written by geniuses for, what appears, geniuses, and I don’t speak genius!

Never mind, my easy to understand panotools tutorials will soon follow, but it’s 1:39am again and I’m working in the morning, so I need to get some sleep. But first, I’m going to fix this panorama to the page so that you too can enjoy it. For the sake of saving the download time for those who don’t actually want to see it, you will have to read the rest of this post

Oh, you probably have this already installed, but you’re going to need Java to run this panorama (haha, it rhymes).

This is my backyard – yeah, the walls are not really that blotchy – keep in mind, I took these pictures with my mobile phone and where you can see the seems, that’s one picture. I also went back throughout the day to take more pictures where they didn’t join up – it was trail and error, but I’m chuffed with the results. They can only get better…

Damn I need to get my hands on a half decent camera. Anyway, have fun exploring my back yard 🙂

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