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A whole wonderful world of e-commerce is opening up to me, and I firmly believe, tell me that I’ve obviously lived under a rock if you want, but I firmly believe that I’m not the last person to find this out, so let me share just in case the next person to read it didn’t know either.

If you want to start and online business, or if you’ve tried before, you’ll know that getting one of those merchant accounts where you accept credit cards online, is damn difficult. Well, with a merchant account from PayPal, there’s no sweat.

In my previous post I told you about the Reseller Web-hosting account that you can get through HostGator, and HostGator themselves recommend PayPal as the best payment portal to use. With a PayPal merchant account you can star accepting the big cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express, instantly.

They are the best guys to use for several reason, most notably the fact that they’re the biggest of their kind, so you know if there are challenges to their system they’ll survive, and secondly they have advanced anti-fraud measures in place, which means less disputed payments and less bill-backs.

Now that you have the tools for setting yourself up as web host with a Reseller Webhosting Account from HostGator, with PayPal you can also take your own credit card payments. Sorted!

The only thing left to find is customers.

Merchant Account with PayPal


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