McDonalds, children and sex

I stumbled across this mother’s blog and an entry she made about the toys she found in her kids’ McDonald’s HappyMeal. If it wasn’t such a huge, disturbing social comment, it would be hilarious. Inside the HappyMeal (and I know my older sister still orders them, but they’re actually aimed at little kids), she found scantly clad figurines of skinny girls wearings tiny crop-tops and even tinier, ass-baring little skirts. Understandably she was outraged.

You’ll have to ban your little kid from leaving the house soon, because she’d wanna dressed like a $5 dollar hooker. Yes, you should be afraid, because you can bet that $5 that she will find a horny little boy that may-or-may-not, but probably will be, much older than her and very willing to pay the price.

And when you question yourself as a parent and wonder where you went wrong with her up-bringing, in a confession she’ll admit “the toys in my HappyMeal made me do it”.

Then girls think it’s normal, boys think it’s normal and before you know it you’ll have sexually active 10 year olds. God help us all. To treat the symptoms the authorities start to think it’s normal too and actually supply these sexually active children with condoms !!! I shit you not, this scenario is based on fact.

But hey, as I saw on Dinoza’s blog, they found a cure for AIDS (sortof), so it’s back to the 70’s with free love for all and this time kids can participate too! But don’t throw away your condoms yet, because that article doesn’t describe an eradication of HIV, it merely suggests that HIV has now been reduced to a chronic illness instead of a certain death disease – if you can afford it of course. And then we have to wait another decade to see what messed-up people we’ll sit with as a result of as-yet-unknown side effects of all those drugs you’ll have to take for the rest your life.

HIV and cures-or-not aside, there’s plenty of other nasty incurable shit you can catch from having unprotected sex, now it seems, even with 10 year olds.

Time for a revival of the chastity belt.


  • April Groves

    29 October 2007 at 13:52

    You're not kidding. Birth control without parental consent, Ariel the Mermaid being idolized as what little girls want to be, half naked doll toys, and teenie boppers dating on the Disney channel. Try to keep them from it and speak out against it, you are an over protective prude who is oppressing your kids. Let 'em at it and they mess up, everybody will blame you as the parent.

    I think I'll be the prude…

    Thanks for stumbling and I hope you stumble again…

  • Daniel

    14 November 2007 at 02:04

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